Want To Have and Keep A Positive Mindset? Now You Can!

Want To Have and Keep A Positive Mindset? Now You Can!

The Power of A Positive Mindset!

Positive thinking is one of those concepts that people misunderstand. Those that know it well and have spent time practicing the art of looking at life, and aspects of live, in a positive way don’t need convincing that it can truly work wonders. However, those that refuse to believe that positive thinking can have any effect on life, are usually looking at positive thinking in the wrong way.

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The Power Behind A Positive Mindset

Whether you believe that you are a philosophical person, whether you believe that positive thinking has something to do with the principles of Law of Attraction – or, whether you just simply want to be able to see the best in life, it doesn’t really matter. The truth is that having a positive mindset can work very well for you. In order to be able to really get into that positive thinking place and to see the effects that positive thinking can have on your life, though, you really need to understand what positive thinking is.

In Norman Vincent Peales book, The Power of Positive Thinking, he explains how a simple shift in mental consciousness can and has changed the lives of many, including himself to have become one of the most honored figures of his field. Having a positive mindset is exactly why I am writing this blog, the work and effort and attention to detail, whilst raising two kids is testing, but to work tirelessly in the hope that by helping others I will achieve my own goals is of itself, the power of positive thinking, one that I was liekly born with, but lost through interaction with skeptics along the way, this book is one of the gifts that gave it back to me. The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale

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Those that believe that thinking positively is a waste of time, are obviously going to be seeing life in a more unpleasant way. It is the misunderstood beliefs about positive thinking that has been keeping many from wanting to follow the basic principles of a positive outlook.

Skeptics of positive thinking believe that it’s not possible for you to control the outcome of your life to any great extent. They believe that positive thinking cannot have any effect on your health, your finances or your relationships. They believe that bad things still happen to positive people – so why bother thinking positive?

This is where the misconception occurs. Thinking positively has nothing to do with trying to enhance the outcome of something. Positive thinking is not a process whereby you cause great things to happen in your life – although that can be the case. Positive thinking is allowing yourself to see the best in every situation.

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A positive thinker has, for a long time, been labeled as someone that refuses to see the bad things in life and is not upset by them. That’s certainly not true! A positive thinker can see the bad things in life, and wouldn’t have a problem denying that they’re bad. However, a positive thinker is one that always strives to see the best in each situation and wouldn’t dwell on a negative situation.

I for instance, tend to believe very strongly in everything happening for a reason. I don’t believe in coincidences; and as such, i tend to notice and gravitate toward opportunities more easily. I’ve always perceived the world this way and growing up I was always surrounded by elders from my Caribbean heritage (my grandparents) who would always say “nothing before its time” meaning quite clearly that as much as you may want to rush the outcome of a situation, it will only occur when it is meant to and not a second before. This does not mean do not try, it means do not rush what you cannot control. A great lesson to live by.

In addition to this philosophy, I came across a novel that would solidify my belief in this area, its called the Celestine Prophecy, a book that I couldnt put down and treasure to this day, if theres only one thing I recommend that you take notice of, please let it be this it will improve your postive mindset and open many doors for you. You can get a copy of the incredible Celestine Prophecy HERE

While there are going to be events in life that cause you to immediately take on a negative approach, there will not always be an immediate positive thought that can be offered as an alternative to that negative event. Often, positive thinking is a practice by where you are in the process of looking for the best feeling thought that you can find at that moment. It’s not that you have to get it perfect every time and it’s not that you have to always be walking around high on life with a smile on your face. It’s simply an acceptance that there’s always a positive approach to every situation and a positive thinker is one that is always looking for it!

The Perception of Positivity

Positivity is all about perception. Being positive isn’t really about having a great life and then feeling positive about it. You could easily look at many people that you know and realize that the positive people are not always the ones that you would expect to be positive, considering their life experience.

You don’t have to have a large house, heaps of money and several vacations every year in order to be a positive person – although it helps (hint hint to the universe). No, being positive is about taking a positive vantage point of the life that you are already living. This is where the idea of perception comes into play.

It would be the easiest thing in the world for you to look at something amazing such as a large sum of money in your bank account and then feel positive about it. In situations like this, it would be all too easy. That’s being positive when life throws something great at you, and most would admit that they wouldn’t have to try hard to feel positive about that.

In fact, many people try to turn to the idea of positive thinking about life and situations when their life isn’t going the way that they had planned it to go. Those that are already living the highlife don’t really start looking for ideas for positive thinking – they don’t feel that they need to be a positive thinker because they can just look at all that they have amassed and fall into a great mood.

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A person that lacks confidence, needs financial help, is having a failing relationship – these are the kinds of people that turn to positive thinking. Really, that shouldn’t be the case. It’s almost like a last ditch effort; that last chance saloon. Being miserable and negative wasn’t working out too well so why not shine a light on the other side of the coin? If being negative wasn’t making you feel good, it’s time to look for the positive.

The idea of positivity being down to perception is one that is true and also useful when looking for a concept to base the whole principle on. You could have two people in exactly in the same situation and yet they would see it in different ways. If you were deep in debt and could see no way out, would you rather be a person that is miserable, unable to leave the house and is scared at what might happen – or, would you rather be the person that sees the situation as being only temporary and managed to conjure up the enthusiasm to get out there and start earning more money? Which would you rather be? These people are in exactly the same situation and yet one is going to have a better time than the other because the latter is, at least, hopeful, if not positive. It’s likely that you can remember a time that you were extremely miserable and nothing seemed to be going right for you.

Do you remember later looking back at that situation and wondering what you were so worried about all along? That’s not necessarily because the situation changed – you can’t keep relying on the situation to change before you can feel good – it’s that your perception of the situation changed.

Sometimes, you need to wait a while before you can feel better about something. They say that time is a great healer. That’s not because the situation is greatly different at a later date than it was when you first encountered the situation, it’s because the perspective has change and you are not offering all of those strong negative thoughts about the situation that you once were. Most of the time, the best way to reach a positive outlook is not to reach for positivity – it’s to actually just stop offering negative beliefs.

Want To Have and Keep A Positive Mindset? Now You Can!
All over the world there are people that are in similar situations. That’s not to say that they all feel the same way about it though. Some of them are wealthy and some of them are in debt. Some of them are ill and some of them are well. Some of them are confused and some are clear- minded. Some of them are confident and some of them are self-conscious. That’s doesn’t mean that anyone is necessarily wrong in what they are doing but all people are in their own situation and yet, they are all in a different state of mind.

The whole idea about positive thinking is to just to adjust your perception to see every situation in the best way that you can. It’s only about perception and not about your current state. You may be ill and feel miserable and worthless – or, you can be ill and in a positive frame of mind. Take your pick.

How Do You Keep A Positive Mindset?

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