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Let's Dive Into My Background...

My name is Marie and I started making money online in 2017.

Its not been easy. I had a long sales career before this, and tried many entrepreneurial methods, from joint online ventures to blogging and ecommerce, with little  to no understanding of what I intended to achieve.

My other online ventures were doing great, lots of traffic, lots of people interested but I couldn’t keep up the momentum because I chose the wrong niche.

I even tried offline seminars, hoping I could do the same as the ‘big players’ and entice people into my online deals….I lost money!

Marie Tavernier

It took writing & publishing my first book, to make me realise that passive income comes in many forms, if I just concentrated on what people need I could be successful.

Secondly, I also wanted the freedom to work from any location so that I can work where my family is and work even while on vacation if I wanted to.

The third thing I wanted, was a better business model where I don’t have to deal with the challenges of seminars and start building a passive income stream.

After spending days on the internet, searching for how to make money online and ways to speed up the process. I settled on blogging and affiliate marketing but; I was still stuck – spending more time each day searching for answers than actually creating content.

That’s when the email came, I had signed up for a free worksheet, forgot about it & then it happened.

Marie Tavernier

The Purpose Of This Guide

In October 2017, I finally found a proven path that taught me how to build an online business that would satisfy all that I wanted!

What I found was a training platform where I learned everything and look at my results here for 2018-2019, making £40K in total, as well as a thriving Digital Product Business:

I have learned so much during my time on this platform, but most importantly the people on here, hava shared information for free that I just couldnt get anywhere else!

I have learnt so much in my past two years on this training platform and it’s been an incredible Journey building this online business gives me all the things that I’ve ever wanted it give me all of the things that I’ve mentioned to you that are required in order to feel secure play Life give me that on a consistent basis there has been nothing that I have done online that has given me as much success as I experienced today a large part of all of back to this training platform is none experience to success that I am experiencing now.

What I’m about to show you is the process, of the opportunity that generates passive income; for many years to come.

I am Your personal coach, and you can secure me as your mentor today and I’ll explain more below.

You will be put on a path of success and that is immediate success because your process will be quicker with me as your mentor as I take you through the training & show you exactly what I did.

Before I lead you through the training platform I want to show you exactly how this business works.

Online success can be found literally with the click of a mouse!


8 Things To Consider Before Starting Your Online Business

Online businesses take work ethic and daily effort 

Too often you’re here people offering scam like products and services that tell you that money can be made literally overnight or in an instant within a day without putting in little to no effort whatsoever.

The general goal is that most people want to make money instantly by literally pushing a button and they believe this really does work.

There is no such thing as instant money even the lottery takes some effort just because this is an internet based business which is quick and instant in itself it doesn’t mean that the route to money is also instant.

I will never tell you make thousands of pounds by doing absolutely nothing.

Just like any business online or offline you will have to do continuous work in order to build the business the business to the business later on passive income is only passive once you’ve put the effort in.

You will reap the rewards and see the fruit of your labour absolutely true but you give the more you will get out and you will see it as long as you never give up

Expect this journey to take time you’re willing to invest in yourself and your business you will see the Returns in more ways than just money


As long as you agree with the above statement that it does take time and effort to build a successful business definitely is the route for you and you will see the reward.

The Optimum Way To Make Money Online

Get to grasp with the process

There are many ways to make money online but I’ve learnt that the best way is by creating a simple website I don’t want you to get overwhelmed please keep reading because I will make this simple just make a website about a topic that you love and a passionate about.

Let’s just say that you love cars are you going to talk about how to choose the right car for your needs how to take care of a car get them from is called your niche.

Creating your website you will begin to write helpful content about cars you will begin to ways in which you can find cars find them in a particular area care of them and you will populate this information on your website in order to get ranking within Google search engines.

The reader searches on Google  for cars, a particular type of car; they will then see your website and will click on it.

The reader that you have a load of helpful information about the car that they looking for and they will see that you are knowledgeable in tips advice on how to take care of the car using a particular type of buffer that will keep the car looking brand new what longer your visitor or reader will appreciate your advice likely click on the link about the buffer system. 

Once they click on that link taken to a site like Amazon and once they purchased the buffer system you will make an immediate Commission from Amazon! 

This that you’ve just read about in 4 simple steps old affiliate marketing the business model that I use and that many are using across the internet to make money online passively proven method internet marketers continue to be successful for many years to come. 

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Simple way to answer that question by saying that it’s a method of earning commission by promoting other people’s products and services

You can literally visit your favourite store or online service like Netflix or Apple’s website you can sign up for the affiliate program and then start promoting their products within the content that you created. 

You then post their affiliate links inside and when someone click on those links it will take them to the website to buy something, then you will earn a commission.


The process of affiliate marketing doesn’t require you to actually sell any product or service.

The best way to describe a affiliate marketing is by recommending products to people who require you to provide them with a solution to a problem so you are essentially matching people up with the with the service that they require.

I actually come from a very long and successful sales background but I left the sales world simply because I always felt disingenuous when I was selling to a customer, because I had no way of telling whether that customer truly needed the product. This is simply not true of  affiliate marketing and the reason why is because the customer has actually come to you  – without them searching for it you would have no reason to create it.

The biggest key to affiliate marketing is not in selling products helping people and creating a bond and trust in your recommendations. 

Once you create that trust with your audience you will have created a great brand for yourself and the benefits of this will be seen in the amount of affiliate commission you will make just by recommending products that your audience needs.

How can you master affiliate marketing? By concentrating on helping people rather than selling to people.

Why Is this Process Making People So Much Money?

There is an estimated 4.2 billion people searching on the internet for answers everyday all day 24/7 and that number is only growing on a daily basis could you imagine helping at least 100 of those people for the exact information you provide about that car how to care for that car where to get the car from the parts that they need for the car repairs and anything else they need that they’d like to see in their cars including accessories.

Of course you can! 

marie taverniers exclusive money making guide

So if you can imagine helping 100 people with your article then you can probably imagine that 100 would lead to hundreds and then on to thousands and maybe even a couple of 100000 people and those posts are helping people as you read this article. 

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