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What Is An Online Course?

An Online Course is, a digital learning tool in video format.

Why is It Popular?

It’s popularity stems from the need to learn skills without the added pressure of traditional learning.







Learning a lucrative skill is now completely under your control and within budget

How Do I Make Money With Online Courses?

Three Proven Methods:

I Do All Three In My Business

Learn my Step by Step Method For Creating an Irresistible Onine Course In Any Topic

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I’m Marie Tavernier, I create courses and other digital products for a living. I then teach others how to do what I’ve learned in my academy, which includes THIS Bundle.

Biggest Question Most People Have When Creating Courses



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What Will I Get?

The free guide which accompanies this bundle; will assist you in using the exact method, widely successful course creators use to decide on what course to create, the topic title and for which audience.

Focus on what you need only to be as aproductive in your creative time

Easy to manage list that gives you all of the resources I use to create courses with a checklist to manage which ones you use and still have to get. Plus expenses

Plan your course – recordings timetable and creation methods i.e. presentation or face on recording.

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The exact places to market your courses 

both free, paid & innovative

The method to launch your course and tracker to stay aligned with the process as you start and complete each task.

Most Of Us Just Want An extra £1000 Per Month

Once you start selling your courses and earn that initial £1000, you won’t be far behind from more lucrative income amounts of £2500+.

The Bundle will give you the formula, once you have it ‘locked’ the only thing you’ll need to do is repeat the steps. As your following grows and you’ll become more confident and build your expertise to grow your income streams.

Introducing the Course Creation Bundle

An easy to follow, powerful resource for creating all your online courses easily & efficiently for maximum value & exposure

Meet The Digital Creator.....

Hi there! My name is Marie and I’m the blogger & digital products creator behind The Digital Diva and growth strategist & consultant passionate about helping bloggers increase their traffic and income.

I started implementing affiliate strategies on my blog at the end of 2016, and although I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning (and boy! did I learn from them), by the end of my six months blogging, affiliate marketing became the second income source in terms of monetizing my blog, the first being courses.

The strategies and digital products I create are all modelled on my own experience within this industry. I’ve learned so much through trial and error and from watching and working with other creators, to help other bloggers setting up their business and get handle on digital product creation and affiliate marketing.

Whatever your business, you need a blog, blogs are content specific to your niche and affiliate marketing funds that blog. Digital products help you to tap into the ecommerce world without selling physical products and holding stock, you package & sell information and typicals earnings £5,000 per month, are not unheard of (Yes! It’s possible!)

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