Personal Development: It’s Undefeated Power For a Single Mother

Personal Development: It’s Undefeated Power For a Single Mother

Personal Development: It's Undefeated Power For a Single Mother

To clarify, when I speak of personal development I am not asking you to becoming something other than you are. I am simply suggesting that, everyone including myself deserves to give there-self the opportunity to handle situations with a new level of clarity. There is nothing better than having the ability to see opportunity where there is none, to handle people and frustrating situations with poise and understanding; although difficult to do at the best of times, to go through each year knowing that your frustrating moments were reduced simply by the renewing of your mind, is in effect transformation of the highest degree.

Personal development can do that for you and so much more……

It has come to my understanding that in order to be happy you have to somehow be something that you were never put on this earth to be in the first place. You have to be a vision of yourself that has been projected by others who desire to change but do not have the know how or staying power to see a change through to the very end. In order to fulfill their requirements, you will have to put aside your own wants needs and general perception of your own happiness and live and pursue within the confines of someone elses desires.

Sounds like a good plan huh? Of course not and it shouldn’t, because this is the ultimate recipe for disaster and i’ll tell you how….

Personal development

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Personal Development and Me

In the past 18 months I set out to find myself (again) or at least find what makes me me. It has been challenging to say the least, I have wanted things and desired more than I was prepared to give to myself. I have been angry and held on to past hurts that have only created more hurt along the way.

In doing what I thought was personal development, I have tried to have it all within unrealistic circumstances, without realising that my limitations can be worked with if only I’d just stop trying to make steak with eggs; i’d see that the eggs make a pretty mean omelette. I’ve focused so much on what I cannot do, that I forgot to cherish all of what I can do; and in doing so I failed to realise that this time of solitude and less, has actually been the most fulfilling time of my life, when I stopped to smell the roses.

Personal Development: It's Undefeated Power For a Single Mother
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Personal Development: It's Undefeated Power For a Single Mother

My Personal Development

If I knew where this past 18 months would take me, I may have done things differently, but who’s to say that I would have come to the same or even a similar conclusion. The point is I will never know and that’s the beauty of following your own path, only you can be satisfied with where you end up and only you can be truely happy with how it all worked out in the end and that’s a powerful learning tool.

I have learned that when life hands you lemons, you don’t have to make lemonade, you can just eat them; the whole ‘suck it and see’ ethos applies here and when you do, you are likely to figure out a few things on your own.

1. You possibly hate lemons

2. You love them but you need a little honey

3. You’re impartial and can take it or leave it.

Of course there are many other alternatives, but the principle is the same for all of them, you will figure out what you can handle, need and want within the confines of others expectations. Once you do that, you’ll quickly realise that the expectations of others are no more relevant today, than last years weather forecast!

Personal Development For Single Mothers

I had thought that the world was ready to accept the changes of a woman who is maturing into the new version of herself with no matter how many days of months it took to get there. but this is is simply not the case, until you issue a public statement of change. What I mean by that is you have to tell people what you’re doing, how you are planning to do it and why before they may just accept your willingness to change in the here and now.

For most people the here and now is some mystical place where people tend to dwell in the mind, when they haven’t got a clue how to get there let alone stay there long term. The sad part is, everything is hard until it isn’t anymore, that’s the whole point of personal development and it’s true for most things, so if its worth doing, it’s worth doing now and not waiting for some sort of miracle to happen before you take the leap.

What’s my point i hear you ask? My point is this, stop waiting!

That is what I’ve learned across my newest journey of self discovery, stop bloody waiting for a miracle or a knight in shining armour to take you away from the place you find yourself standing in at this moment, stop waiting on a fairy or pixie dust to come down upon your head, where a genie pops out and grants you 6 wishes (because we all know 3 isn’t enough) stop holding on to the fairy tale from all of those books you read as a child, and unfortunately still read to your children today.

I realised, that I am my own fairy-tale, my own pixie dust and my own genie and the only person who can and will make me whole is me. You can be your own source of comfort if you just allow yourself to be, you can be your own best-friend and confidante…..

If you continue wait on someone other than yourself to make you happy you will spend the rest of your life waiting on the illustrious pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, it may come but are you seriously going to go looking for the rainbows end, during and after every thunderstorm?

Personal Development: Hold the Vision

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Personal Development: It's Undefeated Power For a Single Mother

Personal Development: Are you willing to Stop Waiting?

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