The Paleo Diet: How To Lose Weight Fast The Healthier Way

The Paleo Diet: How To Lose Weight Fast The Healthier Way

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Lose Weight Fast The Paleo Way

So you want to lose weight, but you do’t know how. No need to threat, the answer is in the Paleo Method of eating and living. Becoming healthy has been a lifelong struggle for many of us and now with busy lifestyles, kids a family and a business to manage, you may be wondering how it can be possible?! The answer has been in your fridge all along.


The Paleo Diet buzz started years back and it took the world by storm – it managed to change the way people looked at eating and dieting.

Becoming healthy can be a struggle and it can also be costly and that’s why people look for quick and easy ways to get healthy.

The Paleo diet appealed and still appeals to millions of people because basically, it’s not really a diet, it’s a lifestyle of eating the way the first people on earth used to eat – the way nature intended.

I have tried numerous diets and been successful at all of them, only to find that i’ve put the weight back on within months or sometimes weeks of ending the regime. But that’s the missing ingredient that many of us forget or take for granted, eating healthy is not a diet with an end point, it is in fact a way of life. Too many diets have dates, and weaning of processes, I don’t want to be weaned of anything that is supposed to be good for me! The trick is to find a way to live and eat that you can sustain for the rest of your life, something practical that does not involve constant weighing and definately does not have you feeling like a failure every time you put a chocolate bar in your mouth. The answer is the Paleo Diet or Lifestyle as I prefer.

I am 8 months into my Paleo lifestyle and chose to do it with Fish as my only source of animal protein, in other words I’m a Pescatarian. Alongside some intense workouts and strength training I feel great, sleep better and see results in my body, with or without the exercise.

Side Note: This diet methodology may be familiar to you as it will resemble the work of popular best selling author and creator Dr Atkins. His work and findings were found popular with millions across the world and I was personally successful on this plan several times. The Atkins Diet is not the original plan, as it has been marketed recently. The main difference between Atkins and Paleo is the restrictive nature of Atkins and high concentration of protein over healthy carbs and leafy greens. To compare the two access both HERE Paleo and HERE Atkins


Paleo: Who started it and what is it briefly?

The Paleo Diet includes meats, berries, and nuts – eating what our ancestors did in the Paleolithic era and what they found in nature. When agriculture started, and foods started becoming processed and ‘unhealthy’, that’s when all our health problems started.

The Paleo Diet basically says to stay away from all the unnatural modern foods of today, in their processed and refined preparations. That’s why the diet is called ‘Paleo’ because it means ‘old’ or ‘ancient’ – going back to those ancient ways of eating. People living in ancient times were healthy, eating only what nature provided and what they could eat from their hunting. Years later, people wanted to improve on these ancient ways and that’s when agriculture started to evolve. The more civilized people became, the more they wanted to find quick and easy solutions for everything. They started producing food that was much easy to prepare and cook and which become instantly available to them on the markets, kind of becoming ‘lazier’ – meantime, this is when all the health problems and all the eating disorders started to begin and to multiply rapidly.

Once people realized they were becoming sick and deconditioned, they were eager to find ways to be healthy again and that is where the Paleo diet came into being.

Getting down to basics

The basics of the Paleo diet are simple; eat plenty of fish, meat, eggs, fruits, nuts, vegetables, spices, herbs, healthy oils, and fats. You need to avoid all the processed and ‘fake’ foodstuffs such as soft drinks, sugar, grains, and a lot of dairy products, artificial sweeteners, legumes, vegetable oil, trans-fats and margarine. In case you are not sure, trans-fats are types of fat found in many foods and are considered bad because they increase cholesterol levels in the blood. They decrease the good levels of cholesterol in your blood too.

That means if you are eager to follow the Paleo Diet, you will have to say goodbye to the cereals, the pasta and the sweets and chocolates. Think about your caveman ancestors – none of these foods were around in their day and they were the healthier for it. If you are eating the caveman type of diet, you don’t really need to count calories either because removing sugar, processed and refined foods from your diets makes you healthy and lean in any case – the caveman never had unnatural sugars and fatty hamburgers and refined and processed foods to contend with back in the day – he didn’t have to count calories!

How often must I eat on the Paleo Diet?

Intermittent Fasting Successful Weight Loss For Single Mothers

The best way to follow the Paleo diet is to eat when you’re hungry and don’t eat when you are not hungry. Think about those cavemen, they didn’t have the luxury of popping over to vending machines to drink or eat at leisure when the whim overtook them. They might have gone hours, even a couple of days without finding good food and it’s in these situations where our bodies were designed to take care of that – the excess fat stores are used as energy in these types of occasions.

Start on your Paleo diet lifestyle today – it’s worth a try, and especially when you think how it helps even with health issues such as:

• Reducing belly fat

• Reducing blood sugar and increasing insulin sensitivity

• Reducing risk of heart disease

• Reducing inflammation

All of the above benefits can be increased when combining them with the Fast Diet benefits of Intermittent Fasting, this is the way I have been eating for nearly 12 months now and the benefits are huge, especially to the ultimate problem area; the stomach (a woman’s nightmare, especially after children).

Hungry to get started? Hippocrates was right when he said, “Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food” and the Paleo Diet can do just that for you.

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