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Making Money with Wealthy Affiliate

Making Money with Wealthy Affiliate

Marie Tavernier

Marie Tavernier

Digital Diva, Digital Product Creator, Blogger, Affiliate Marketer and Social Media Manager

My journey to wealthy affiliate was different from yours (guaranteed). You are taking matters into your own hands, searching out information and reviews – making sure wealthy affiliate is all above board.

I on the other hand, received an email in my inbox, was completely confused (knowing i didn’t sign up for it) but for some reason I kept them, read them and realised I’d been sent the exact information I was looking for……


But before give you access to the wealthy affiliate training, let me put your mind at ease (if you’re not sure) and double your curiosity if you’re eager to get stuck in…..

First things first, let’s step into the world of wealthy affiliate and explore exactly whats on offer to you.


Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform dedicated to budding and involved online entrepreneurs; wanting to create a side hustle to main hustle income with a blog, through affiliate marketing. Building a business online is not an easy path, there is no ‘get rich quick’ process to online entrepreneurship, but if you’ve got a real desire to Win online, a willingness to put the time and effort in to create a niche based website/blog, that solves a need. You will succeed and likely see results within your first (consistent) three months.


Typical blog success usually takes 24 months, with Wealthy Affiliate that time line can be drastically reduced to 12 months, earning upwards of 5k per month by year 2/3. 

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A smartphone, a laptop, Wifi connection and $49 – this is about all it takes to start your own online business….that’s the world we live in now & I for one intend to take full advantage of it with this process….

Making Money on Wealthy Affiliate – The Process

This 4 step process is the exact process that has worked for so many online businesses, many that you know and love; the formula is the same. It has worked for decades and will continue to work for decades to come, most likely the rest of your working career.


Step 1. Choose Your Niche

When building your blog, the first you thing you should consider is your niche. It is the area of business yu will focus on (the topic). The topic of my business is ‘making money online’ in concentrating on that topic i am able to create content on the ways to do so. Later on as you develop your content you may want to consider a ‘micro niche’ which is to focus on a particular audience who will be interested in your topic. 

In other words, instead of trying to attract everyone from everywhere (which often leads to no-one from nowhere) you focus on an audience of entrepreneurs in London, or work from home mums in Canada or maybe just online female entrepreneurs.

You will learn all this and more via Wealthy Affiliate training & will earn an affiliate revenue as you share your findings with friends, family and your online audience. 

Ps. yes if you have a blog with a focus topic of ‘affordable family second hand cars’ or something else (anything else) YES you can still promote Wealthy Affiliate to your audience. The building a side hustle element is relevant to everyone.


Step 2. Build Website

Without this, you do not have an online business (you’ll have a house with no front door). 

This is the foundation of your business, you will get hosting, and website name that reflects your brand and build out your website with information, products/services and recommendations ideal for your chosen topic.


In my earlier example of a ‘making money online’ website; just as this blog post, I will compile content for my website that focuses on my niche/topic and if I have a micro niche I will make that content specific for that audience by mentioning things that connect to my audiences need(s) i.e. work from home mums (a blog post on finding affordable work hubs), this will likely satisfy everyone in the ‘making money online’ sector but will be specific to a work from home mum, who is desperate for new surroundings whilst building their online business – before the kids come home from school. 

Who Can Relate?

–>>Wealthy Affiliate Provides FREE Starter members with 2 FREE websites. As a Premium member, you can host up to 25 of your own domains, and 25 free websites on the Wealthy Affiliate domain.

Step 3. Attract Visitors (Traffic)

This is crucial as without it, it’s like a house with a front door BUT no furniture, food or electricity. In other words, you’ll have a website with lots of great content, but nobody reading apart from you.

Think about it also from an offline perspective – where do shops, restaurants, nail salons, Mcdonalds etc; open there stores? Answer: IN HIGH TRAFFIC AREAS

Why? Because the more traffic, the more potential for success (it’s a proven formula) where ever or whatever your business format is, in this case your business will be online and in order to make money on Wealthy Affiliate and via your website, you require traffic.

Sites like Yahoo, Google, Bing, Quora, and social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc are all exceptional sources of traffic. Leveraging these can and will create for you a successful and lucrative business.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you the fundamentals of driving consistent and targeted traffic to your website. It is never enough to just know where the traffic should come from, you need the HOW!


Get Your Free Ebook - The Ultimate Guide To Blogging

Step 4. Earn Revenue (Money)

Wondering how you make money? Weren’t we all one time or another on this journey, luckily I no longer wonder as its been proven. Now it’s time for you to experience the same.


Think products/services relevant to whatever your niche is. There are over a billion products available to be promoted online, all have been created by a reputable online business and are ready to be promoted by you; to your growing audience. You simply link to companies through your special affiliate links, and exchange and they give you a cut (%) of every sale that you make.

By taking advantage of the wealthy affiliate training, you’ll be earning a recurring commission (passive income) from companies as well as from wealthy affiliate.

Think in the thousands MONTHLY!

will it happen immediately NO – you need to go through the steps, build your site traffic and be consistent with your content. But my business made its first commission in month 6 and before that I could literally see my sites traffic growth increasing (success was inevitable) as long as I stuck with it.

Here’s a brief breakdown of what YOU could earn: Wealthy Affiliate Commission*

The red box are the figures I entered to show you how much you can earn promoting wealthy affiliate at the minimum rate of referral, the other two boxes; scenario 1 and 2 are wealthy affiliate proven averages from many of their premium members.

**Ps. if you are like me and you have a website already, but cannot see how you would manage more than one website. Then do what I did, use the training and apply to your website SIMPLE. The other domains offered by wealthy affiliate will come in handy one day as you get the hang of it and start to build new niches, and follow the four step process eventually making passive income from several websites at once (one of mentors on wealthy affiliate has 50 websites all earning. 

But this is not a race, it’s a marathon and your time will come.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

Truth is, I could go into so many reasons, you’ll be here reading ALL of it’s benefits and incredible features for days. But the short answer is a resounding YES! 

If you’re thinking that I’m biased because I’ve joined and want to convince you to join so I can earn a commission, then let me be completely transparent – I do make money from your referral, but I cant convince everyone to join. For every 100 people that read this 10 may join, the other 90 will be a mix of maybes, no’s and i’ll research more people. And that’s perfectly fine.

But you have to think of this as an Amazon review or TripAdvisor review, it’s just people honestly giving feedback on a product they’ve used and sharing their pro’s & cons. To be honest those reviews have saved me tons of cash and helped me purchase products and services I swear by today.

In addition for complete transparency, I initially thought the $49 per month payment was a little steep for someone just starting out. i’m a single mum and was on a very tight budget – and every outgoing was one less income for my family. So I delayed for awhile, went away made money in other formats (all online) via amazon and other online services, only to find that I came straight back to Wealthy Affiliate wanting more training & more opportunities to make higher income. In other words, if I had of just stuck with the investment in the beginning, it would be a fixed expense I hardly notice, as I’d be making 10 times that in income now…….THINK MID – LONG TERM, and if you have to sacrifice something i.e. that weekly takeaway which can rack up to approx $30 per WEEK – you can re-direct that money to wealthy affiliate PER MONTH and enjoy huge benefits.

What You Get For Your Fixed Investment

10 Reasons Why I Chose To Make Money On Wealthy Affiliate:

1. Same Price for the last 12 Years $49/£38

2. 24/7 Free support

3. Founders Kyle & Carson Readily Available (when you need them)

4. Daily new training

5. Hosting Included

6. No Upsells – Everything under one roof

7. Free ‘LIVE’ Training

8. Receipts (Proof of Success)

9. Personal Mentoring (Included)

10. Free Membership Option

In Conclusion

I just want you to know, that starting an online business does not have to be rocket science. It does not have to be months spent searching google and Youtube for training (as much as those have been invaluable to me) the training with Wealthy Affiliate will cut out all of the nonsense and having you up and running ASAP.

In addition, you get to earn whilst you learn and build your business.



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6 thoughts on “Making Money with Wealthy Affiliate”

  1. Wealthy Affiliate is truly amazing and has the kind of training to help anyone to have online success. There are many success stories here in this community. I would tell anyone to become a part of Wealthy Affiliate that has proven and have a good track of helping persons to have online success.

  2. Hi Marie

    Wealthy Affiliate is amazing! I joined in October 2018 and haven’t looked back – and that was after trying out so-called “competitors” who pale in comparison. WA offers incredible value for money, the training and tools are seriously top-notch and almost 1,5 million of us members cannot possibly all be wrong!

    Blessings always


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