Intermittent Fasting Successful Weight Loss For Single Mothers

Intermittent Fasting Successful Weight Loss For Single Mothers

Intermittent Fasting Successful Weight Loss For Single Mothers

Intermittent Fasting Successful Weight Loss For Single Mothers

Did you ever think that Jesus may have been on to something when he turned water into wine and multiplied those fishes? Well, if you didn’t now you do. Biblical methodology for weight loss and healthy eating was and still is the correct one…..

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Intermittent Fasting & Biblical Times

The topic of intermittent fasting is rather intriguing because it is actually mentioned in the Bible a fair amount of times. People of Biblical times fasted in times of depending on God, in times of prayer and when serious decisions were called for. Today’s people also fast because they simply want to lose weight; some do it for medical reasons too. Intermittent fasting is quite a broad term that basically means that from time to time you don’t eat, usually lasting longer than the normal overnight fast.

Even though fasting goes back thousands of years, and practiced by humans through the ages, it is not so widely practiced today; what with all the new health fads around. But its methods and ways have stood the test of time and achieved amazing benefits – not only weight loss but more energy, diabetes reversal and much more. And it doesn’t require any time and certainly no money. It’s just a natural part of life.

intermittent fasting weight loss for the single mother

People ask, “But, isn’t it that you’re starving yourself?” No, not at all! Fasting is different. Starvation is when you are involuntarily deprived of food for an ongoing time period whereas, with fasting, you voluntary decide not to take in food, be it for health or for spiritual reasons. You are choosing not to eat when you fast and it can last for hours, for days, for weeks – it is at your will. In fact, any time you don’t eat, you are actually fasting. That is where the word “breakfast” comes from – to break your fast, which you do on a daily basis. It’s really just a part of our everyday lives, but today, we have forgotten what a powerful and therapeutic tool intermittent fasting is all about.

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How Does Intermittent Fasting Actually Work

At the very foundation, fasting is about your body burning off excess body fat. If you have body fat, you have food energy that is in storage and when you don’t eat, your body starts to ‘eat’ at the fat to get the energy it needs. Because our lives are all about balance, the same applies to our bodies – eating and fasting keep the balance.

We humans, when eating, sometimes ingest more food than can immediately be used for energy. Sometimes that energy gets stored as fat, to be used later. The key hormone in our body for the storage of food energy is insulin. As you eat food and increase the insulin levels in your body, so you store sugar which is converted to fat. This fat is often stored in your liver but can also be sent to other fat-depositing places of your body. We have two storage systems in the body for energy – glycogen and body fat. When you don’t eat, the above process goes into reverse, so instead of insulin levels rising, they now fall, telling the body to start burning up the stored energy as no food is coming its way.

Our bodies are constantly in two states, the fed state, and the fasted state – either storing food for energy or burning it. If each of us were to start eating food the minute we got out of bed in the morning, continuing to eat until we went to bed again at night, our bodies would spend all the time in that fed state. We would gain weight, not having allowed our bodies to burn any of that food into energy. To restore some balance and to lose weight, we need to spend that time exercising or fasting because these allow the body to use up that stored energy. Our bodies were designed to work like that. Look at dogs, cats, wild animals; that is what they do. If we constantly eat as sometimes it is recommended, our bodies aren’t going to get around to burning the body fat, instead; it will just store it.

The Fast Diet Changed My Life

Are there benefits to intermittent fasting?

intermittent fasting weight loss for the single mother
There are loads of benefits…The first one is weight loss, but apart from that, there are plenty of other reasons:

 Intermittent fasting cleanses and detoxifies the body

 The body is rejuvenated as it gets rid of toxins

 Improved concentration and mental clarity

 A reduction in blood sugar and insulin levels

 You can reverse Diabetes 2

 More energy

 Increases growth hormones

 Lowers cholesterol

 Has the ability to lower the risk of Alzheimer’s

 You have the potential to live longer

 Fasting stimulates autophagy

 Inflammation is reduced.

Diets can complicate your life, but fasting can simplify it. When you start a diet, you need to go out and buy all the ‘right’ ingredients, but fasting is free. Dieting can take time, but fasting saves you time. Diets offer you a limited type of eating whereas fasting can be done anywhere, any time.

There are short fasts that last up to about 24 hours and then there are the longer fasts that last well over 24 hours. Those who go on the shorter fasts do them more frequently than if they went on a long fast.

how gratitude made me into a successful single mother

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The 8 Hour Eating Window

 The 8-hour eating window fast

This is where you eat all your meals within 8 hours. The remaining 16 hours of the day you fast. This is usually done on a daily basis. It is basically eating all of the meals in 8 hours and leaving the other hours free, to fast.

 The 20:4 hour fast
This is where you eat your meals within a 4 hour period, leaving the other 20 hours to fast.

 The 24 hour fast
This involves fasting from lunch on one day to lunch to the next day, or from supper to supper. If for instance, you eat your lunch today, you skip your dinner and also your breakfast the next day, eating only again at lunchtime. When you eat only once in a day, it equates to eating around 3 times a week.

 The 5:2 day fast
On this diet, you eat regularly for 5 days in a row, and then you fast for 2 days. On the 2 fasting days, you are ‘allowed’ to eat up to 500 calories on each of the days, any time and spread out or eaten in one meal. This fasting method was made popular by Dr. Mosley in his book called ‘The Fast Diet’.

 The 36 hour fast
Look at it this way – you eat your dinner on the first day, on your second day you fast and on the third day, you eat breakfast. That makes 36 hours of fasting.

Longer fasting periods like the 48 hour fast

This type of fasting lasts longer than 48 hours. When you go on the more extended fasts, it is recommended that you take a multivitamin so that you don’t go without certain nutrients and develop deficiencies.
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Should You Exercise Whilst Fasting?

It is a good idea to continue exercising like you usually do while you fast. Food is not necessary to provide sufficient energy for doing exercises. You will be burning fat more than ever for the energy needed.

When you fast, your human growth hormones will go up and the insulin levels will go down. Fat burning hormones increase, actually increasing metabolic rates by around 3.6-14%. There is a study that shows that intermittent fasting actually causes less muscle loss than some standard methods of dieting or calorie restriction. Keep in mind though that the main reason intermittent fasting works is that you do take in overall fewer calories. This means that if you eat more or binge in your eating periods, you are not likely to lose weight at all!

My Preferred Fast is 16 8, Have you tried a Fast?

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