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How To Make Money As An Amazon Affiliate

Table of Contents

making money as an amazon affiliate

Written By Niall Myers for marietavernier.com

How this affiliate marketing program can make you A LOT of money!

You’ve probably heard of Amazon. Not to mention, it’s the world’s largest internet company by revenue. What if I told you Amazon offered a way for you to pocket a small percentage of this revenue?

Unfortunately, you won’t be raking in the billions Amazon makes every year. However, you could be seeing in excess of five-figures as an additional source of income for yourself.

What many people (particularly content creators) are not aware of is the affiliate program Amazon has available. This is known as Amazon Associates

The program allows bloggers (just like myself) and others in freelancing creative mediums, to promote Amazon’s products in their content and earn a commission from each sale generated through their audience.

Now, this may sound a lot more complicated than it really is. More likely than not, you’re reading this because you’re uncertain of the best approach to becoming a successful affiliate. Maybe you’re just unsure of what on earth affiliate marketing actually is.

I’m here to explain how Amazon Associates works and offer guidance on how to make money as an amazon affiliate.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a form of promotion where businesses reward affiliates for driving traffic to their website and offer commission from each sale of that product generated through the affiliate’s lead. Commission is a percentage of the product’s price and varies based on the affiliate program and the industry.

Amazon Associates Explained

Amazon Associates is the name of the affiliate program offered by Amazon. Just like any other program, you earn a commission from products you recommend to your audience if it’s purchased through a provided link within your content.

 Amazon Associates offer a commission range of 1-10%. Yes, this may sound really small, especially if the products you are promoting are inexpensive. However, it does all add up. 

 The higher the quality of your content, the more audience you can attract and retain. In turn, this increases exposure to your affiliate links and potentially generates sales from these leads.

To become an affiliate, you sign up to the program for free and meet the criteria in order to qualify. This includes having an established website or blog containing high-quality content and a sufficient audience base.

 Now that you’ve understood Amazon Associates, I’m going to advise how you can decide what products you should focus on promoting to maximise your earnings.

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Focus On Your Passion

It’s no surprise the best content you can produce comes from talking about where your passion lies. Are you an avid cooker? Do you enjoy playing video games? Maybe you like reading books in your spare time?

 If your audience can tell you are genuinely passionate about what you are talking about, your content appears more valuable and your recommendations are far more trustworthy.

 Ensure whatever this passion is, the products you recommend are viable and have the potential to sell to your audience. For example, if you’re an action movie fanatic, it may be difficult to earn commission from physical DVD sales as most audiences use streaming services or websites to consume movies and these products are becoming obsolete.

Identify A Niche

You’ve identified a passion for which you can create viable content on. Great start. Nevertheless, this is just the beginning. What’s more important than simply having a passion is breaking this down into a niche segment that can appeal to a specific audience.

 For example, if you’re a passionate cook, you can segment this by your favourite cuisine. Maybe you enjoy various Italian dishes? This creates an opportunity to blog about these dishes and include affiliate links to recommended recipe books instructing your audience on how to make them.

What may also help you identify a niche is focusing on products with limited content around it. The lower the saturation of the market, the less readership you are competing for and the larger the potential audience is. This maximises exposure to your affiliate links and increases potential commission you could be generating.

Only Promote Products You’ve Personally Used and Experienced

While this may seem obvious to some, it’s always tempting to recommend products based on their popularity, price and ultimately how much commission it can generate.

 Focusing on products you’ve personally used ensures your recommendations come across as trustworthy and valuable to your audience. Furthermore, it lets them know you care about products that are of genuine interest to them, rather than the commission you attain from them purchasing the product.

 Talking from personal experience makes writing compelling content a lot easier and authentic, helping to attract new readership and retain existing audiences

Your Content Must Be Engaging and Suitable

This is a no-brainer. If you want your content to stand out and encourage new readership, it MUST be engaging. You want your readers to feel hooked and completely take in whatever it is you’re writing about.

 Use a personal tone of voice to make your audience feel as though your content is directly speaking to them. Consider your choice of words in relation to reader demographics. Most importantly, avoid being overly persuasive – let the product speak for itself!

Explain why you are recommending the product rather than creating a sales pitch for it.

 Lastly, focus on products that are affordable to your audience. Not only does this improve your reliability and strengthen your relationship with them, it also increases the likelihood that they’ll purchase your recommendations.

making money as an amazon affiliate

Link Away!

The most obvious part: ensure affiliate links are included in your content! No matter how good your content is, you’re never going to make money without a link sending your audience directly to that product.

 Be creative and thoughtful in this process. Including hyperlinks within certain words and images makes your content appear more professional as opposed to untidily scattering URL links around your page.

Hopefully by now you’ve understood how affiliate marketing works, what Amazon Associates is and the steps to become a successful affiliate. 

By no stretch of the imagination is success easy, nor is the guidance I’ve provided going to guarantee you results. The hard work still comes first, whilst consistency is also vital. It could take months before you start to earn decent commission, so don’t expect massive progress in the early stages.

If you’re interested in the Amazon Associates program, you can find a direct link to sign up here.

What’s Your Niche?

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  1. As an affiliate marketer, I can very well tell anyone that it is very possible to make some very good money as an affiliate marketer. This is something that I have tried and with amazon. I am an associate with the company and getting commissions has never been so easy. One thing that makes people prefer to buy from Amazon is the fact that they are very popular and a big company so they always deliver. You have a nice post written.

  2. This is a very comprehensive post on the Amazon affiliate program and the process of becoming an affiliate marketer. I think passion for the niche topic is the key to success in selling Amazon products. The passion for your niche leads you to be creative about writing engaging content. This for me is the best part about being an affiliate marketer.

  3. Amazon is one of the biggest online shops in the world and I find it very good that you can point out the uses of the very good associate programme. I did not know that anything like this is available for those that will want to earn commissions. I already have a niche that I have programmed in my head. I would like to know the availability of products in that niche on amazon.

  4. I joined Amazon Affiliates 6 months ago and am very pleased. The part I like the most is you can choose your own products you want to promote, this way you can control their relevance to your content. Also, really great intro to affiliate marketing, you’ve covered all the basics! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Hi! I have been purchasing things on Amazon for a long time now. It’s convenient to shop online and I continually increase the things I purchase. But I didn’t imagine I could earn from Amazon’s affiliate program. I’ll give this a try. I like writting and researching products and you have encouraged me to open a blog. Thanks for this post.

  6. Earning with affiliate marketing indeed is possible. But I have been struggling finding a niche. I shop on Amazon and have started to promote some products that are also available on Amazon, but I haven’t obtained the results I wanted. I think it’s time to change my niche. I’ll click your “click here” so you help me to find a good niche. Thanks.


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