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How Do I Become An Affiliate Marketer – Learn From A Super Affiliate

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How To Become An Affiliate Marketer?

What is affiliate marketing?

Passive income, that’s the dream right? To make money whilst you sleep! So, what exactly is affiliate marketing and how do you become an affiliate marketer?

 Affiliate marketing is one way to make money online for those who want to derive an income from their web use. An affiliate marketer promotes specific products or websites in exchange for a cut of the profits or commissions from the web traffic he/she generates. Any time the recommendation/web traffic from an internet affiliate leads to a sale, the affiliate earns money. In other words, the products or services are provided by others, while you provide a sales or marketing outlet. While there are no successful get-rich-quick schemes, many people have found success doing internet marketing as an affiliate. Learning how to work as a successful affiliate marketer can help you determine whether a career in this potentially lucrative field might be right for you.

Large companies often work with many affiliate marketers simultaneously. To keep track of which purchases were made through which affiliate marketer’s blog/website, companies will give each marketer a unique affiliate ID and a unique URL to use to promote the company’s products.

A cookie will also be placed on the computer of any consumers who click the company’s advertisement on your website. That way, the company will be able to track which affiliate marketer should be paid a commission for the consumer’s purchase, even if the purchase occurred days or weeks after the consumer clicked the link.

Pat Flynn’s definition of  Affiliate marketing, is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.


How Do I Become An Affiliate Marketer - Learn From A Super Affiliate

Why Most People Haven't Started With This Method (affiliate marketing)

The typical reasons most people don’t start online businesses can vary from person to person but the overall reason for most people is the fear of failure.

There are likely to be 1000 + reasons or excuses for anyone not to start their online side or main Hustle, all of which point back to one main reason; fearing the possibility of failure, which gives most people and ‘out’ if they can justify the position of possible failure They can then justify the reason to never start.

As I always say “you don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great.” 

I’d also like to add, once you start; maintenance is a natural transition! 

 What does this have to do with becoming an affiliate marketer? 

Affiliate marketing takes staying power and a willingness to push through the boundaries in order to gain leverage.

In layman’s terms it’s an easier way to make money online.

But, it is not a recipe for the ‘ suck’ and see method or in other words, very little effort on your part. It is a business that requires daily action, until the rewards are reaped and they will as long as you follow the exact steps in this article.

Disclosure:  in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

So, are you ready to tap into the world of affiliate marketing? This is probably one of the best decisions you make this new decade and definitely one of the easiest businesses to succeed in. 

Follow These Steps and examples, and your affiliate marketing success is ‘guaranteed’ ( a word many won’t use) but I will on this occasion!

Step 1. Familiarise Yourself with Affiliate Marketing Networks

The most common and well known for most affiliate marketers is the following everyday consumer network Amazon. Their program features a simple network that allows the affiliate to promote products via their website/blog without having to individually gain acceptance from each and every seller.

Let me explain: most affiliate networks include advertisers – for instance i’ve created this course therefore I am the advertiser. I have decided to list this course for affiliates like you to sell on my behalf. And I’ve done that via a large affiliate network like Awin. When you as the aff[iliate decide to sell this course, you will have to submit an application form to me (the advertiser) and wait for my approval via Awin (the affiliate network). Once approved you will be gifted with your unique identifying link that tracks each and very sale, so you can get paid.

You will have to do this for every advertiser.

Amazon does not have this process, as amazon is a marketplace once approved for the amazon associates program, you are essentially approved to sell anything they have on their marketplace, no matter who the advertiser is. 

Just as the image shows, there is a strip at the top of your standard amazon account, you simply navigate to the product and highlight the code. This is called html and can be easily added to your website as a clickable link, within text i.e. CLICK HERE or within images, taking the reader to the product or service the want to view.

Disclosure:  in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

As mentioned there are other networks with a slightly longer acceptance process, however this is not a bad thing; reason being amazon do not have particularly high commision rates, i believe it’s anything between 1-4% per sale. That does not mean you cannot or will not make any money from them, it just means you will have to work on your traffic (your audience) as amazon sales are based on volume especially if you want to make a decent living from it.

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4 Part Free Passive Income Video Series

Step 2. Join An Affiliate Network

Awin is one of the largest affiliate marketing networks available – Formerly known as Affiliate Window, AWIN is a platform that contains thousands of affiliate programs that you can join and earn money from.

All affiliate networks act as the bridge between you and the affiliate programs that you join. They are basically connecting you to a huge pool of affiliate programs in various niche/categories.

AWIN is easy to join and easy to use, and it has thousands of high-paying affiliate programs for bloggers.

To join AWIN, you need to have an active website, quality content, and a legal affiliate disclosure on your site. Once you have those few things in place, you can apply to AWIN. There is a simple 4-step sign up process and a $5 screening fee. The fee is refunded to you after approval.

Awin has a vast amount of advertisers in their 4 main categories – they call them partners and partner programs can be found in the Travel sector, the telecommunications sector, the finance sector and the retail sector. In each there are at least 10 – 70000 advertisers for you to choose from.

As a rule of thumb you will not be joining all of them, you will concentrate on your niche and cater to your audience. You can of course have more than one blog or if you’ve decided to start a magazine type website, you can join all of the above sectors and create content in as many categories as your content creation skills will allow.

For the majority of new and even established bloggers we tend to stick with one niche and cater to that audience. 

For example: example A: you have a travel blog which highlights the main areas of travel across the continent of Africa. You cater to your audience by creating blog posts that highlight your top 10 hotels in a specific region of lets say Kenya. Lets just say that 5 of the hotels have their own direct affiliate program and the other 5 are with Awin – you will join all programs both direct and via Awin.

You then wait for your approvals, access your unique tracking link and place them into the text and/or images of the hotels you’ve recommended.

When someone books through your link you will receive a commission.

Example B: is similar to the above, but lets say none of the hotels have an affiliate program and either direct or with Awin. in this scenario you would suggest the hotels regardless of potential commission (your audience deserves real value) but in thinking outside the box you would write additional information about the money saving hacks you use when travelling or what came in handy.

You would then find the exact or similar product via either Awin or Amazon associates, link it and receive your commission in another form.

Wealthy Affiliate Training

In order to create a successful affiliate marketing business where you’re earning between 10 – 200k per month. You will need to start training in the areas that many newbie affiiliate marketers tend to neglect when they first started (myself included).

The best way to create a successful online presence is to be taught the fundamentals upfront and implement them as you build your website.

Training such as: 

Lesson 3 Choosing A Niche – Get your grey matter ready – this defines ‘niches’ and really helps you decide on yours (Video and Text).

Lesson 4 Building Your Own Website – Build your first website with  (Video and Text).

Lesson 5 Setting Up Your Website – Having built your site your now going to tweak the look and feel, activate plugins and prepare for content (Video and Text).

Lesson 6 SEO Preparation – The fun begins… Search engine optimisation will help your site attract all those lovely visitors (Video and Text).

Lesson 7 Developing Content From Keywords –  Learn keyword mastery and undertake your first keyword research (Video and Text).

Lesson 8 Your First Web Page – Taking the content planning for your site to the next stage and posting your first work (Video and Text).

Lesson 9 Creating Quality Content – Creating content for real PEOPLE is critical… (Video and Text)

Lets explore a few of these…

Choosing A Niche

Firstly what is a niche – I discussed this in my complete guide to blogging for beginners course. The best explanation that I’ve come up with now is the chicken egg story. So here goes… a niche is like a chicken and the egg is a smaller version of the chicken. The chicken is the topic you want to focus on i.e. food. But the egg is the exact audience within that topic, otherwise known as your (micro niche). 

The chicken is equivalent to a parent who has many roles in one – i.e. the topic being food at large. When you chose food as your main topic, it is up to you to tailor your direction towards a specific are, for example Are you referring to recipes or where to purchase organic food. Restaurants, supermarket products, dieting, etc etc etc.

The egg in this analogy  – it has one of two roles ( grow to be a chicken or become someones breakfast) harsh i know but its true.

Your job is to decide the fate of the egg.

In other words, your micro niche has to be specific and perform one job. The niche may be food, but what exactly about food are you going to cater to. Is your micro niche – organic foods for babies, restaurants across London, plant based recipes for families on a budget, 15 min meal plans for busy mums’- the list is extensive, but it is  your job to pick one.

This training will give you the tools to help pick the right one for you.

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Building Your First Website

In order to create money online you need to have somewhere to send your audience. That’s where the two free websites come in handy – plus 25 more as a super affiliate.

The initial two can be built one by one with the sole purpose of allowing you to build your online presence from day 1, alongside the training to which will assist you to create a website that’s worthy of your potential audience within the micro niche you’ve chosen.

Building your website can be time consuming, when you’re concentrating on the aesthetics (the look) of your site over the content. But at the beginning, The most important elements are content and functionality i.e. can a reader navigate through your content with ease and is it a joy to use; the best way to achieve this is to keep it simple.

Building your website also includes functional elements such as the navigation, pages, posts, side bar and implementing your email marketing.

4 Part Free Passive Income Video Series

Your pages consist of elements such as your Homepage, Blog, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Affiliate Disclosure and products once you have them available. 

Posts are exactly that, blog posts which are pieces of content written or recorded to offer readers a solution to a problem, a recommendation or guidance within your chosen niche.

Your product page – will likely consist of the products you have created for sale, that bring in passive income whilst you sleep (another form of income in addition to affiliate marketing) and in some cases can be incorporated into your affiliate marketing efforts, as some or all of the products you recommend on this page can be from outside advertisers.

Pin Me

Learn SEO

SEO which stands for search engine optimization and is the process of directing traffic to your content, by using the best performing keywords and cleverly engaging with your audience based on the search terms they have submitted through search engines or their interests on social media (which is a little more technical) taught via the accompanying training affiliate boot-camp found at the end of this course.

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website and its content, to be discovered by relevant and targeted traffic across the Web. 

The process of search engine optimization includes the following:

Keyword research 

Meta tags

Content optimization 

Anchor links

Footer optimization 

Social media

Site map

Directory submission 

Here’s a brief overview of the first 3:

Keyword research: to become a Wealthy Affiliate content is key! 

There is no other process of engaging with your audience and as such a mix of content creation methods are advisable. 

Although Content creation is process, your audience needs to find your content, the only way to do this is to create content they were seeking to find. How to do this depends on a range of factors but the easiest is Google and using a method called keyword research – with this you are likely to find billions of keywords in the form of questions asked to Google. 

If someone is searching for an answer to a question you will now provide the answer and make it discover-able with your keywords. As an affiliate there are marketing tools you can use to do this, one of the best purposes of these tools is to tell you how competitive a keyword is before you use it. The purpose of this is extremely important for anyone who creates affiliate content. The lower the competition, the higher your chances of being found on page 1 of Google for those keywords. The higher the competition the likelihood is you may not rank at all or you’ll be so far down the list nobody will read your work. 

We don’t want that to happen. So keep learning and in the bonus lecture you’ll discover exactly what tools you require. 

Meta tags: next we have meta tags. This is essentially html code. The meta tag does not appear in your content but it is the building block and face to your search engine result. Simply put a meta tag is the title and description placed on a post or page of a website that describes its purpose….Just like this diagram, the meta tags are the meta title highlighted in red and the meta description highlighted in blue. 

Content optimization: content optimization refers to the keywords placed strategically with the content itself. The meta title and parts of the keyword can be written into the content to give search engines more direction toward finding relevant content on your page.

The more times your content highlights its relevance the higher you rank in order to provide a solution to the reader. In addition, if I search for yellow pillowcases and your content highlights this keyword with content and subheadings, I’m likely to be delivered your article as one of the top solutions for my query.

Top 5 Content Creation Methods

These are the top 5 content creation methods that will guarantee affiliate success… 

As mentioned in the previous module content is 🗝 

So let’s explore the top 5 methods and some of the ways to use your affiliate marketing knowledge to earn immediately. 

1.Video:  this is the number 1 method of most successful affiliate marketers. Video accounts for over a 1/3rd of all online traffic. Video marketing is engaging and dependent upon the presentation style, a user can learn a new skill in a day or week with step by step visual instructions plus examples. Value: priceless

2. Blog post articles: specifically long ones. A blog post article is still and probably will always be seen as the go to method for learning. Also with the personal style or strictly professional style of the article it captures audiences by relevance and creates loyal subscribers and return visits to your website. This also leads to a high converting email list which can generate 1000’s in passive income.

One sure way to do this, is to write blog posts that offer value to your readers. Don’t hold back on any information and/or opinion, also detailing your own experience with the product/service will help in increasing your credibility and trust factor. People buy from people they like and trust

Successful blog posts range from a word count of 1000 – 3000 words. But can be longer, if this is the case number 3 will definitely be your next method.

3. Ebooks: simply put eBooks are an online version of a physical book. Used in some part to entice readers to join your mailing list, but also as money generating tools by writing down all your tips and tricks (on a particular subject) and breaking it into categories such as beginner intermediate and advanced. Then selling the eBooks online to readers who want all your info in one place. Not only is this a great strategy for sales, plus a great up-sell tool via the categories but it’s also great for affiliate marketing. As you direct readers to products within the text that you personally recommend as of value.

4. Audio Recordings (Podcast): most of us have heard of podcasts and probably have your favourites, saved for those long journeys or commute to and from work. But, have you ever considered creating one of your own. With an app like anchor, a smartphone and lavlier mic; you could be up and running in a less time than it took for me to write this article (4 hours approx).

It’s proven to be a great source of traffic and when linked to your website, you can create blog podcasts dedicated to the content in your latest podcast episode with links to the products/services you recommend.

5. How To Guides/Tutorials: How to gudies and tutorials, like this one which gives you the reader an insight into the ins and outs of affiliate marketing as a beginner and can offer more seasoned mareters a chance to revisit business opportunities they may have ignored once upon a time. 

How To’s of any kind, are said to be some of the most searched  terms as the How To of anything is the ultimate goal when searching, the other being Where?


How Do I Become An Affiliate Marketer - Learn From A Super Affiliate

This is the end of this post, but before I go there’s one more option to help you learn all there is to know about affiliate marketing. The course is 1hr on demand, video course which will show you everything we’ve touched on in this article plus video instruction and additional resources only accessible via my passive income guide list.


If you’re interested in gaining access to the cause in its BETA state (before it goes public) sign up via the form below and you’ll be the first to receive it!

Free Passive Income Guide - How I Make £3000 - £5000 Per Month

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