Creating a Value Mindset

Creating a Value Mindset

Creating a Value Mindset


By Marie Tavernier

You wouldn’t believe some of the places I happen to take inspiration from.

A car-wash? Yes

Once a month I make a point of going to the local car wash. It’s a jet-wash with several components and allows me to sit pretty whilst the automatic rotators work their magic on the ‘outside’ of my vehicle. Within 5-10 minutes I drive-away with a gleaming car, which looks close to brand new and definitely deters the quote worthy nuisances from leaving finger dust messages on my bodywork; like the infamous ‘clean me’ with a sad face. Annoying as heck, but we get the point!

It’s amazing how an ordinarily monotonous task, can have you thinking deeply and evaluating your choices.

Before driving away – As i’m sitting watching the rollers work their magic on the car in front, i had a thought, why is the car-wash so busy? I mean i had just sat in the queue for 20 mins and there was at least another 6 cars behind me, then it dawned on me – IT’S SPRING! The suns shining and most of us want the outside of our vehicles to shine amongst the sun rays, plus a dirty car in spring shouts lazy owner.


But in a moment of clarity, as I watched the car in front come to the end of its wash cycle; shining and gleaming, another thought ran through my mind, “Why are we so eager to clean the outside without spending time on the inside?” Is it the convenience of the automatic process or is it that we just don’t see the need to park, remove items and wait as the valet team ‘get to work’; if so, it must be more of an inconvenience when the ‘cleaning’ process is DIY meaning that we have to do it ourselves?

So what do we do?

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We put it off until next time, in the hope that the need to ‘get it done’ will become clear and urge us to put the time and effort into cleaning the inside of our vehicles, before laundry loads of crap come tumbling out every time we open the door…..

True or False?

Now, i think we both know that this is not about cars at all.

As you get to know me, you’ll quickly discover that most of my metaphors seem to involve cars, probably because I spend so much time in mine and have plenty of reasons to think when im in it – mostly traffic!

So what’s the point?

The point is, you and I both know that the convenience of working on your outside is usually placed in the number 1 priority slot, over anything that may involve more time and effort e.g. the Inside.

Create A Value Mindset

For those of us that go to the gym or take the time out of our busy schedules to workout regularly, its a known fact that our main motivation is usually the outside’ The mirrors placed strategically across the gym floor are a tell-tell sign of our expectations and main motivation and gym owners feed into them.

We want to see changes to our bodies, we gauge our progress by what we see and largely by what others see, hence why the first few comments and/or compliments of noticeable weight loss or muscle toning, are taken with such glee, because it tells us that ‘they’ see our hard work and effort, ‘they’ too see our progress and success, it gives us a boost to keep going, pushing harder toward the next unexpected but expectant compliment.

But what about the parts you or ‘they’ can’t see?

Can the mirrors tell you how well you’re doing on the inside?

Your mind is a lot like your vehicle, shining on the outside. You have a decent job or career, you have qualifications or are actively working on gaining some. You may have letters after your name and to the outside world, your mind is gleaming with potential.

But, how often do you take the time to work on how well your mind/body & soul functions from the inside/out?

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You may look good on the outside, you’ve taken the time to present yourself to the world in a way that is pleasing to the eye, is your mind just as pleasing or are you putting this off until later too?

If the answer is Yes, I suggest 10 minutes per day. YES, just 10 minutes per day, everyday to work on YOU.
It takes 10-20mins to vacuum your car, 30mins to create a good sweat inducing workout, 50mis to get ready for work in the morning & just 10mins per day to work on yourself, mind, body & soul……

I know which one i prefer

If you can give yourself the gift of a renewed outside, imagine what you can achieve when you take the time to be ‘blessed’ from the Inside, not for anyone else, just for You.

Looking for examples?

Try any of the following:

1. Meditation

2. A chapter of a good book (something progressive)

3.Yoga (join a club or use you-tube)

4. Journal: begin jotting down your thoughts and desires, you never know what it may become or how it will help you in the future. Ps. there are many best-selling books which began as journal entries

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