Are You A Productive Blogger? Tips For The Single Mother On A Blogging Mission

Are You A Productive Blogger? Tips For The Single Mother On A Blogging Mission

Are you a productive blogger?

Are You a Productive Blogger?

Anyone can start a blog. It takes less than half an hour to set yourself up with a domain, hosting and a WordPress blog – and even faster than that if you go for a free hosted blogging tool. However, many people fail to make a success out of their blog – and it’s not that they don’t enjoy what they blog about or find it boring – it’s because they just don’t have the motivation to maintain their productivity.

If you’ve ever considered creating an income from home, a blog is a great choice and will allow you to share your knowledge and interests with the world, whilst making a part-time or full time income from the comfort of your living room or home office. I have written a step by step blog creation article with screenshots to help you…..check it out here


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1. Firstly, let's understand Why You Need to Be a Productive Blogger

Productivity is everything when blogging. There’s no point having a wealth of knowledge to share and a story to tell if you can’t find the time to get it down in a post. And, not just that – you’ve not only got to get it down in a post, you’ve got to get it down in a way that people can read it, learn from it, enjoy it and share it.

Many of the world’s best blogs, both in terms of profit and number of visitors, didn’t get to where they are by only blogging sporadically without keeping inspired to produce quality content on a regular basis and there’s no reason why this would be any different for your blog either.

how gratitude made me into a successful single mother
A blog isn’t going to write itself and it certainly isn’t going to promote itself. With thousands of blogs being started every week, and many of them laying dormant a month later, what’s to stop your blog from being any different? What’s different is that you’re about to learn the best ways that you can instantly become a more productive blogger. And by that, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to sit at the computer for many hours per day writing continuously; being productive is all about making the most of your time and putting the right amount of effort into a project. Productivity isn’t always just about the amount of content that you write; it’s also about how much you can leverage the potential of that content.

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2. Get Organized – Computer and Desktop

After understanding the reasons why you need to become a productive blogger, the second thing that you should begin working on if you’re looking to become more productive is getting organized. There’s nothing worse than trying to motivate yourself to complete your chosen tasks, deal with the technical aspects of your blog and, at the same time, try to be creative and come up with great content when your work-space and computer are in a mess.

Where you work and the way that you work can be important when trying to stay inspired and productive when working on your blog. If you’ve got a messy desk with papers, bills and food all over the place, you’re not doing yourself any favors. The saying about a clear desk equals a clear mind is true and, in order for you to feel comfortable, relaxed and prepared, it’s important that you clear yourself some space and give yourself room to breathe when working.

The Productive Blogger

If you’re finding it difficult to sit down and get on with that blog post you’ve been meaning to complete (or even start), it’s going to be much more efficient to ensure that your work-space is prepared for you to actually sit and work.

Many times, when working from home, it can be so easy to lose an air of professionalism (and, in some ways that can be one of the perks) but it also shouldn’t be the case that this causes you to not treat the work that you’re doing as something meaningful. By simply setting the right intentions before you start a project and ensuring that you have cleared up your working space, you’ve starting your project free of clutter and distractions that may cause you to not take the work you’re about to do seriously.

Essentially, it makes no difference whether you work in your own office or at a desk or on the kitchen side with a laptop – the premise is still the same. Your work-space is the place where the magic is going to happen. It’s the place where your blogging empire is going to be launched and developed and, if you truly want to reach great heights with your online business through blogging, it’s important that you take your work-space seriously enough because that work-space – however small or mediocre – your office, is your place of work, and it should be treated as such. By learning to become a Productivity Ninja you will create the success you want in a fraction of the time it takes other unfocused bloggers

Are you a productive blogger?

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The Productive Blogger & Their Workspace

When you’re running a business (and blogging for income certainly is a business) it’s important to keep everything that you need nearby and to not get overwhelmed with a lot of excess information that’s only going to burden you. It’s best to stick to the bare minimum – even if it’s only to give you plenty of personal space so that you don’t feel flustered. When you’re trying to do something and it’s not going the way that you planned, any unnecessary clutter is going to cause you to get even more frustrated. It may seem trivial, but really, a quick clear out of your work-space gives you a fresher and more prepared for taking on those tasks.

Tips For Clearing Your Work-space:

• Keep everything to the bare minimum

• Don’t clutter up your desk with lots of papers and notes

• Keep a notice board and calendar where you can write your daily goals and see what you need to do at a glance.

• Keep a bin nearby and don’t store things that aren’t useful

Whatever you use as your work-space, it’s important to respect it and, in many ways, it helps your productivity because it gives you a great platform from which to work from and from which to create ideas. Your work-space really is the place from which you’re running your whole business and it’s important to treat it that way.

How to Increase Blog Traffic

Are You A Productive Blogger?

One of the common pitfalls that many bloggers make is to not stick to a manageable schedule. Many people make pseudo plans to write a blog post on one day and then put it back to another day because they didn’t feel like it or they were doing something else. One of the best ways to deal with that lack of focus and direction is to just lay out a blogging schedule so that you can always stay on track.

Often, when working online, one of the biggest problems is giving yourself a sense of direction and giving yourself boundaries. In many employed jobs, you’d have a boss to give you some sort of infrastructure, tasks and guidelines for you to follow. When you are your own boss, it becomes your job to give yourself some structure in your work day and a great way of doing that is to set a rigid schedule.

Create a Schedule

Setting a schedule isn’t as daunting as you may think. Many people look at schedules in a negative way and hate to give themselves deadlines to get things done. However, in reality, it’s important to set goals and intentions so that we can follow them and give a sense of direction and purpose to what we’re doing.

When blogging, it’s so easy to call yourself a blogger because you write a blog – however, in any major publishing company or major online website (those that are making lots of money, anyway) they tend to have a regular structure that they stick to because it helps you to keep writers focused and also keeps the momentum of the blogs going. Often, many people give up on a blog after a month or two so it’s incredibly important to know what it is you’re hoping to achieve and when you’re going to achieve it.

Are You a Productive Blogger Yet?

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how gratitude made me into a successful single mother

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