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Marie Taverniers Passive Income Training

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New to this blog? if so welcome and I sincerely hope you find everything you need to be a better version of you. I started this blog to help women like me, mum’s who are either sick and tired of the 9-5 hustle, happy working but need more income or single mothers like me who have been working their whole lives and are dreading another year of the morning rush panic with kids, begging for time off to attend school plays and meetings and higher than normal childcare costs on one salary. And after all of that still not having enough income to enjoy a well deserved vacation.

I spent 15 years in corporate media sales, 10 of which were before becoming a parent. I then found my passion for personal development and trained as a coach, offering tailored coaching to women who want to better themselves and heal from their past.

Last year I attempted to coach full-time only to discover that unless you have a myriad of eager paying coaching clients, willing to to part with £200+ per session, you are essentially trading your already limited time for a very limited return. So here comes blogging, just as i was about to give up, blogging found me. I already had a coaching website and had experimented with blogging in 2016 only as a hobby, but with no real knowledge of how to make money with it and it certainly never occurred to me to combine my knowledge of media sales and coaching. I knew about SEO (search engine optimization) from my media sales training and I knew about Amazon Associates for affiliate marketing, but that was it; i mean what do you do with it all, because knowing of their existence wasn’t enough, now I needed to learn about them, what they do, where they go and most importantly how do I make money from them?

So I tried and failed, because without in depth knowledge, will only be pure luck that and that is not something you can rely on.

This blog combines my media experience with my passion to help people become their best selves. It covers all the topics that I’m experienced in i.e. health, wealth, fitness, personal development, dieting, vision boards, product reviews, motherhood etc and will of course center around teaching you how I progress in making my blog: Full step by step blog creation tutorial HERE, plus info on how to create and maintain an online empire, so that you too can do the same.

Here i teach you how to start a blog, maintain a blog, grow your traffic and page views, get involved with affiliates, master social sharing and of course, I like many other transparent bloggers will be sharing my income reports (not to brag) but to keep you motivated.

I love helping people and I want to see us all win.

Marie Tavernier XXX

Marie Taverniers Passive Income Training

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