How I Gained 22000 Page Views In Under 6 Weeks And So Can You

How I Gained 22000 Page Views In Under 6 Weeks And So Can You

How I Gained 22,000 Page Views In Less Than 6 Weeks

how to start a blog step by step

If you’ve ever considered creating an income from home, a blog is a great choice and will allow you to share your knowledge and interests with the world, whilst making a part-time or full time income from the comfort of your living room or home office. I have written a step by step blog creation article with screenshots to help you…..check it out here


*If you’re new to this blog welcome! Just to let you know this post may contain recommendations in the form of affiliate links, if used by you and you decide to invest in one of the many resources I use to grow this blog, they will give me a small commission at absolutely no extra cost to you. This is how I support this blog and post like this one.

Ps. I only recommend products I’ve personally used and love.

What's The Big Deal About Page Views Anyway?

If you’re not new to this blog, you may know that I’m a former sales guru. Ok, maybe not a guru but I did spend 15 years of my younger adult life working in the corporate media sales world. What you might not know is, prior to those 15 years I spent 2 years working in every customer facing sales role available, practicing my craft and fine tuning my gift of selling, only to realise later that I was no good at face to face selling, I was better at phone consultations, simple verdict I was just more comfortable and could let me personality shine without worrying about being judged or ‘hit on’ by male customers….which happened on a few occasions. Anyway i digress, the point is I spent many years focusing on the best way to sell products and then online, plus print advertising space to decision makers within the advertising world. I worked on campaigns with big brands including, British airways, Virgin Atlantic, Ancestry, Home Away, Vue Cinemas, but to name a few.

The work was tiresome & constant, you had to be tenacious and quick thinking, treating every new call and interaction as if it was the first, but also build and maintain a rapport with clients over-time without over stepping boundaries of professionalism……can anyone say arghhhhh!

But, regardless of the gruelling schedule and not to mention the constant anxiety of meeting deadlines and achieving high targets of £10k+ per month, I learned several vital lessons. A couple of which I am going to share with you here.

How to Increase Blog Traffic
How I Gained 22,000 Page Views In Less than 6 weeks

The Unspoken Link Between Selling & Blogging

First things first, you may be wondering why I am even mentioning sales when this post is supposed to be about page views….let me be clear the two go hand in hand, or at least the principle does although the activity may be different and you might be thinking you didn’t start a blog to sell anything, in fact you probably hate the concept of selling and don’t want any part of this. I hate to break it to you, but every single time you verbally or otherwise recommend a product or service to friends, family or otherwise; you are in fact selling, the only difference, sales people or consultants (as i became) do so for a living and earn a kick-back or commission every time they recommend something and you purchase.

If you plan on earning a living from your blog, you will likely be recommending (selling) products. The nice part about this method is, 9 times out of 10 bloggers have actually used the products they are recommending, making each and every recommendation more genuine and ultimately valuable to your readers, as they basing their decision on your experience and honest feedback.

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How I Gained 22,000 Page Views In Less than 6 weeks

Great you made it this far!

Here’s the truth I didn’t make 22,000 page views in under 6 weeks, it was in fact 22,405, however that’s a bit of a mouth full so i decided to round down. How did i do it, well before I mention that, lets discover why page views are one of the topics you will constantly read about along your blogging journey.

Like sales (yes, i’m still on that subject, bare with me) in my sales career there’s one thing that every sales person knows, ‘it’s a numbers game’. This statement is a fact and if believed wholeheartedly it is inevitable for anyone, novice or seasoned expert to succeed in the world of sales. Why? Because within the law of averages, it is proven that for every 100 at least 1 will return. In other words, for every 99 doors that were slammed in your face, the 100th door will likely remain open long enough to create a positive outcome. This same law of averages can be applied to almost anything, in doing so you will likely want to recreate that outcome in your personal and professional life, essentially meaning that giving up when the ‘going gets tough’ is not an option, as you may give up on door 98, only 2 doors to go before success strikes. Wheres the joy in that, not to mention all of that wasted effort.

In the sales world, you work tirelessly alongside something called KPI’s, to this day I still don’t quite remember what it stood for, but I knew one thing; I was meant to achieve or exceed them, period!

You see, KPI’s were mini targets, i.e. how many phone calls you should make per day, how many decision makers you should speak to and how many sales you should make per week, all based on the law of averages. In order to hit my own personal target, I always chose to exceed the KPI’s by doubling the numbers and therefore increasing the likelihood of success.

Did It work? Absolutely! I was named sales consultant of the month, every month and was sought after in my industry, in fact my company used recordings of my sales calls as training for new starters, the only thing they didn’t realise was my KPI efforts was the beginning of my success. You can read more about my thoughts of my sales career in my first self published novel From Little Acorns Grow A Forest HERE

Why Do You Keep Being Told 100,000 Page Views Is The Goal?

As you continue along your blogging journey, you will regularly see articles, suggesting that 100,000 page views is the Holy Grail for any successful blogger. Well, now that you have a better understanding of the law of averages, now I can explain why 100,000 is so important.

It’s a numbers game!

Think of it this way, let’s say you recommend a product or service across 100,000 page views, if for every 1000 page views you achieve a successful match (i.e. you match a reader to their preferred product or service) and that product costs £20, for every 1 sale in a 1000 that’s £2000 in potential passive income. On the flip side, if you match across only 10,000 page views, that gives £200 in potential passive income.

Lets be clear, I am not complaining about the £200, in fact any blogger earning £200 across 10,000 page views is doing a great job and based on the law of averages, if they just double or even triple their efforts, that number will also increase with time.

What I am showing you is that, consistent effort + numbers = success. Its a proven strategy.

how to start a blog step by step

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How I Gained 22,000 Page Views In Less than 6 weeks
This chart might be familiar to you, as these are the stats provided by your hosting company, or at least this is what you’ll see when you begin your blogging journey. The chart shows an overview of all my visitor stats from the moment I created this website until present day. You may be wondering why the dates in the left column go all the way back to 2016, well, this is when I created this website, I began creating a solely coaching focused website, without any blog posts, just information on the coaching services I provided etc.

The 6th column along is the page views and if you look down to August 2017, I was doing quite well; this is around the time I began promoting my vision board workshops across social media, but because of my lack of promotional knowledge I didn’t know what else I could do to promote them and I didn’t have the funds for ads, so you will see that my page views took a nosedive in Sept 2017, a slight increase for 2 months (I wasn’t `prepared to give up on promotions, so paid for Facebook ads) then another nose dive for several months whilst I reevaluated my business.

Then comes May 2018, the 18th may to be precise, when I made the ultimate decision to explore the world of blogging. My page views increased from 5k to 11k and then 22,405. In addition, the third column along also shows how many visits per day, which coincides with my blogging efforts and marketing.

So how did I do it?

How did I grow my page views to 22,405 in less than 6 weeks, with only 8 published blog posts and a less than gigantic follower count on social media. It comes down to two things:

1. Social Media

2. Tailwind

Ok, so lets explore them individually

Social Media has been at the forefront of my online strategy for quite some time

This process is simple, build an online presence within the niche your blog is focused on. For me it is personal devlopment and entrepreneurship for single mothers. By utilising the free platforms of Instagram, Facebook pages and groups, Linkedin, Twitter, Snapchat (one i haven’t explored yet) Google+, Tumblr and Pinterest. You have now given yourself and your blog, the opportunity to be seen by billions of potential readers for free.

By staying connected with regular posts and updates as well as engaging with followers via comments and promotions, you will likely see a surge in your blog traffic by simply sharing your latest blog post. Free blog traffic and no advertising.

2. Tailwind is responsible for one thing only, scheduled posting to Pinterest. It is essentially the gateway to pinterest growth. Any blogger who desires to grow their blog traffic rapidly, will want to explore the pinterest search engine. Yes, i said search engine, because that’s what it is; if you thought (like i did) that pinterest was similar to instagram, where people share pictures and recipes etc, you may be on to something, but what you dont know is that pinterest is a search engine with billions of hits each days from across the globe, people who are interested in the topics you blog about, are using keywords to find your content, the problem is your content is nowhere to be found, so they click on someone else’s, explore their work and then click-thru to their blogs….this could be you.

Tailwind makes the process of engaging with your potential readers easier, by allowing you to schedule your pins ahead of time, within time slots they have suggested with analytics they’ve researched for your chosen niche, further optimising the likelihood of people finding your pins. The point is Tailwind allows you to create multiple pins (like the one above) and once scheduled, you can get on with your day, spend time with the kids, blog, work and sleep, knowing that constant traffic is being generated to your blog for only 1/2hrs worth of work. Tailwind is a godsend and the two combined is how I have managed to generate 22,405 page views in less than 6 weeks.

tailwind for pinterest

Recommendation Alert:

If you truly want to know exactly how to grow your Pinterest traffic, which will inevitably grow your blog traffic simultaneously. Not to mention the fact that people are making an income with from Pinterest without blogging….yes it’s true and i’m working on this income stream as we speak. If you truly desire to master the #1 blog traffic platform, you need to read the She Approach by Ana, who is a master blogger and Pinterest expert.

I have teamed up with her to offer you (my readers) a copy of her Pinterest Growth Ebook. I have read the book, I was lucky enough to be given an advanced copy so that I could make a genuine recommendation, it truly is worth every penny and thanks to her I discovered the wonders of Tailwind, plus a bucket load of other vital tips and strategies that have grown my monthly Pinterest views to over 1.8k in 6 weeks. Click Below

The Top 10 blogging books every blogger should read
How I Gained 22,000 Page Views In Less than 6 weeks
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The Top 10 blogging books every blogger should read

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The Top 10 blogging books every blogger should read

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