12 days to a succesful blog: day 1 Domain

Day 1: Your Blog Name

So you’ve decided to start a blog but dont know where to start. Dont worry, you are one of many, in fact i did so much research on blogs, before I started I could have a PHD in the mastery of blogging.

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When starting out in the world of blogging, you have to consider your brand. What is it that you want people to associate your blog with and how does that translate into your blog.

Your blog sets you apart from the others, it’s written in your voice and offers many the opportunity to experience your unique personality, whilst still experiencing the incredible information you share.

Brand Name/Url - Your Niche

Over the course of trying to figure out what/who and why I was creating a blog, I tossed around several names, most of which meant nothing to me; but in an attempt to attract and impress my potential audience I was prepared to settle for any name that would draw the crowd. In many cases, new bloggers will do exactly the same thing in attempt for instant gratification and success, we all tend to forget that we have a target audience (we just don’t know what it is yet) and our blog should reflect that audience; once we figure out who they are.

Sound simple enough?

Of course not, if it did you wouldn’t be here. 

So let me break it down further!

I was lucky, I already knew who I wanted to target. My blogging journey started with a hair blog for African/Caribbean women and children across the UK. I wrote about my hair growth and changes, I wrote about hair-care in the UK climate, homemade products and oils to moisturise hair, products to avoid, reviews and hairstyles, among other things. Sounds good huh, i mean in a 38 billion pound industry, it was only fair that my love of hair and sharing, would benefit from at least 3% of that market, correct? Wrong! 

There was a Problem: i didn’t know who my target audience was, what did they do, what was there family life and social life and did they make enough money to purchase the items I was suggesting? Furthermore, i didn’t know how to get to them once I found them!

Your Niche and Blog Name

Get Clear! that’s my #1 advice.

How do you do that?

 #1. Write down on a piece of paper the topic (s) you want to blog about and jot down a few name ideas 

 #2. Ask yourself who you want to target sometimes the easiest people to target, are people just like you – who are you?


My other advice is this: Do What Nike Says Sometimes ‘Just Do It’ works the best!
If you really dislike your blog name and niche after a few months, no one is stopping you from choosing a different name and niche and starting again - I did. This is the benefit of being a beginning blogger, you have the ability to change and pivot as much as you wish because your audience is still small. So I highly encourage you to dive in, test things out, and go with it!
You will learn so much more from actually doing it, than by waiting to take perfect action. Everything in the beginning as a blogger is an adventure. It’s fun! Don’t stress out about the little things. The more you test and try, the quicker you will reach success.
Marie tavernier

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