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12 Days To Start A Successful Blog – Day 3: Step by Step Blog Installation

Day 3: Step by Step Blog Installation

Ok, you’ve done it!

 You have a domain name and you’ve selected your hosting. But,  if for any reason you require some additional help between choosing your hosting and the initial set up of your blog – here’s a step by step installation breakdown, of your self hosted site plus design tips to get you started. 

Ps. If you haven’t decided on your domain – you can type in some names below, with an Instant Response from Bluehost

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I am using the Web Hosting Company Bluehost for this example installation breakdown. The process is fairly easy and Bluehost are highly recommended for their ease of use and good customer service. Most importantly their service serves the main purpose of storing your blog on its servers and providing analytics on your site performance. Most importantly Bluehost is cos effective which is very important when just starting out as a blogger. Invest Yes, but theres no need to break the bank.

Bluehost Installation - Step 1. Visit Site


Step 2 - Choose Your Hosting Package

Select which of the plans best suits your budget and long term plan for your blog. As this is likely to be your second or main source of income within the coming months, I would suggest the Prime package for two of the most important reasons – domain privacy and Site Backup pro. Domain privacy keeps your address hidden from view of every internet user and potential scarecrow on the web. Secondly Site Backup is essential when you begin creating content – it takes time to create quality content and the last thing you want is for it to disappear, with no way of retrieving it!


Step 3 - Register Your Domain With Host

Now its time to either invest in a new domain or register one you created earlier. All bluehost hosting packages come with a Free domain – if you haven’t already invested in one – you can do so in the search box below, then just come back to step 2 and continue along these steps.

Once you have your domain name – type it into the box titled I have a domain name and press next


Now enter your account information and package information

Step 4: Payment Information

Enter your card details for the amount stated – this is 36 month plan with unlimited support. You will be investing the full amount for the duration of your plan, which will leave you free to create content and get your blog/business of the ground without having to worry about  a yearly renewal cost.

At this stage BlueHost may suggest other similar/variations of your domain name that correspond with the original domain you’ve chosen. You can either choose to purchase these or you can skip this step and stick with 1 domain. Some domain owners choose to purchase the variations so that other bloggers do not use them. The other option is to come back for them at a later date; please also bare in mind they may not be available – the choice is yours.

Step 5: Set Your Password

Step 6: Choose Your Theme

You can skip this step or choose to download one of the themes offered as below or you can choose to download your own via the themes category in your back office admin panel

Step 7: Pick Your Admin Panel

You have two options:

1. Download and Install WordPress

2. Use the BlueHost (cPanel)

If you choose to go ahead with the first option your site will display the following:


Step 8: Display a 'Coming Soon' Page

Display a simple coming soon page – then building your website from your admin panel. This will give you the chance to create Pages, a Menu,  and a couple Blog Posts in the background until you’re ready to Launch.


Blog Categories:

Making Money Online




Personal Development


Have you downloaded Bluehost, How was the process for you?
Please share your experience in the comments below
Marie tavernier

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