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EXCLUSIVE Free Training from Marie Tavernier:

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Since 1999, Marie Tavernier has increased the profits for high profile companies such as British Airways, Virgin Atlantic & Warner Bros but to name a few by sharing her marketing techniques and sales expertise earning them collectively millions of pounds of online sales income.

She worked at 50connect & YourTradingEdge as a Sales and Affiliate Marketing Manager where she helped the sales team realise their group/team and individual income goals monthly over a period of 9 years. With one team smashing their affiliate income x10 and earning 60,000 in 1 month.

“We did £12,000 in our first six months, with a small email list and only one product”

We are now a mother and daughter business combo, enjoying a little bit more freedom and looking forward to extra growth in 2019″

Sharon & Tulisa

Mum & Student Bloggers

“Marie helped me turn my blog content into a £4k per month money spinner, posting only 6xs per year. I’ve almost doubled my Instagram following and I’m working on adding more websites to share my other passions.”

Mike Stuart

Sales Executive , Intel

“Within 60 days, I had signed up 2,000 email subscribers with at least 70 of those attending my webinar”

My usual attendance rate was 1, probably my mum”

Anna Lui

Real Estate Blogger

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