12 Days To Start A Successful Blog – Day 2: Hosting

Day 2: Hosting

You’ve made it to the next phase, hosting. Here’s where it gets really exciting, as you are only moments away from having a website/blog that is yours to create and share as you see fit. – So what’s next?


Now that you have your name and have given your niche and main* target audience some thought, now’s the time to create your personal URL i.e. (www.iblog.com) which you solely own. Once again you have options:

Option 1: You can use a FREE HOSTED PLATFORM

  • Wix. Wix’s drag-and-drop system is made with HTML5 in mind. …
  • Yola. Yola boasts flexible layouts and no third-party ads. …
  • Contentful. Call your content into any design with the Contentful API. …
  • Jekyll. Make static sites with Jekyll. …
  • WordPress. WordPress is the most popular free blogging platform. …
  • Tumblr. …
  • Blogger. …
  • Medium.

Any of these are perfectly fine to use to create your web address and subsequently host your site with as some are free i.e. wordpress and are created to forfill the very thing you want to create – a blog.

The only downside is the web address which will likely look something like this – ilovecars.wordpress.org.uk

There is nothing wrong with the latter however, I would highly recommend the following – ilovecars.com for professionalism and to keep in line with your chosen brand identity

Who should use Free Blogs?

People who are just curious about blogging and want to try it out, before making a full investment; both financially and productivity.


Simply put, you take control over the domain name and the platform you chose to host your site with.

This is the option most bloggers go with at some point during there blogging lifetime, for a host of reasons (no pun intended). Unlike the free platform – your domain name will end in either .co.uk or com and will have the professional feel of a company with a much higher investment than yours.


This is the option I have chosen – with a .com domain and self hosted with a company I can get ahold of when I need to #highlyrecommended

Pros of a self-hosted blog:

You have full control over your blog, including in its layout, search engine optimization, advertising revenue, additional functions, and more.

You can install custom themes to brand your blog.

You have complete access to your backend files, which allows you to make any necessary code changes.

Using a third-party host usually costs only a few dollars per month.

Self Hosting Options

1. Tsohost – Tsohost is recommended for the initial low investment, but most importantly it is recommended to anyone based in the UK or Europe. Tsohost are a UK based company and served all my blogs and domain packages for the past 2 years. I recommend them with a trusted stamp of approval, simply because anyone who’s anyone knows, when you come into any issues with your blog set-up, email, connection or anything eles that can go wrong in the world of the World Wide Web, this company are available to answer your queries withinn your timezone – crucial for peace of mind. Also for a Limited Time Only – you now register a new .UK domain for just £1 – Hurry Whilst this Offer is Still available


2. Bluehost – Bluehost is recommended for the initial and ongoing very Low investment as well as its high trust score and popularity among bloggers and web owners. They do offer a free domain which is likely to have a non-professional domain address, however for a domain of your choice, visit the drop-down at the top marked Hosting and scroll down to domains which will open a domain search bar where you type in the name of your blog and choose the URL you prefer or you could use the free domain search bar below – powered by bluehost. Just Click & Type “Try It”. Bluehost is an ideal hosting service for anyone based in the USA or other countries, but can also service UK residents – the choice is yours. 

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Hosting is not complicated, like most things it becomes complicated when we overthink the process. You have two options: Free or Paid - at some-point you will invest in the Paid option because blogging is a great outlet and can be a great source of income over-time. However if you're still unsure and just want to test the process, go for a free hosting package with the free domain - yes it will be slightly more restricted but the choice is yours and can be changed.
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How To Make Money Online In 3 Easy Steps

Affiliate Marketing Breakdown

1. Blogging:

Starting a blog is exciting in the beginning. You are bubbling with ideas and can’t wait to unleash them on your blog posts. You get excited creating graphics and wanting to publish your post. Once the euphoria subsides there will be three important factors to consider:

Your Niche

Your Marketing

Your ability to manage your time

Your Niche is the area of communication you wish to implement. Your niche highlights your expertise in a particular area on a specific topic. When communicating with your audience you must pick an area that you are personally knowledgeable in and find sub-topics and information relevant to your niche in order to provide content rich blog posts e.g. in the area of luxury sports cars you will find all the topics of discussion, both current and timeless, which will give you ideas on what to write about…..sounds simple enough and it is, but it can be time consuming*

Your niche is what sets you apart from others and allows you to attract a relevant audience based on your knowledge, style of writing and your perspective on the subject. Don’t worry about attracting an audience, you will; as long as you write and produce content about topics they’re interested and yourself.

When deciding on topics, google keyword planner has all the info you need. Phrases and keywords that are relevant and the number of times they are searched will give you the info you need to design a great blog post.

Creating your blog is as simple as 1,2,3 and can be done for FREE with the use of the platform I use on WordPress, alongside pre-populated templates, guidance, tutorials and live training to help you navigate the world of blogging and affiliate marketing. The company/platform I have partnered with is WA or Wealthy Affiliate, the platform is extensive and designed to help you become an expert in digital marketing. WA offer 2 FREE websites and a referral and commission structure that will provide an extra or potential replacement income.

This is in addition to all the training videos, live training webinars, updated extensive step by step blog posts and forum help from a large network of highly successful digital marketers and bloggers. Access all of your training HERE

The other big plus and frankly this is huge – all of the above is in addition to all of your other affiliate income from other partner sites you choose to connect with and the list is endless e.g. Amazon, Ebay…..think of where you last shopped or all of the places you spent money with over Xmas, now you have the chance to monetize those sales and be a partner as well as a consumer…..#BINGO!

Here’s one more huge benefit, and this is my personal favourite. You can take everything you’ve learned from Wealthy Affiliate and then apply it to your already existing website/blog, especially if it’s struggling to get the page views and traffic you desire…..with this info, all of that is about to change.

>>>>>To Get The Most Advanced & Comprehensive Training In The Industry, Click HERE!

2. Marketing

The marketing I recommend is online and is specifically geared toward the use of your social media and email campaigns as tools for business marketing. Especially as this is an online venture, social media will put you in front of the audience who will read your content…..this is where you need to be. Instagram, Facebook Groups and Pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest & YouTube and any other social platform that will generate direct clicks and a loyal audience/following, in addition to showcasing your blog/brand as the go to site for your chosen niche.

This type of content will likely involve some creative skills, a lot of which is trial and error, however in order to hit the ground running you can easily utilise the services of Fiverr a freelance platform of professionals like you and me with years of experience in their chosen area I.e. writing, editing, video production, design etc etc all of which can be booked for as little as $5 – all the way up to bespoke prices. The choice is yours. Access the Fiverr HERE

3. Time Management*

This is an area you will want to work on a soon as you start. You have to treat this venture like a business and when doing so, setting a schedule is the first thing on the list. Your schedule should include the following:

When you write your posts – I attempt to start a new post daily (don’t just wait for inspiration to strike or you’ll be waiting forever)

When you upload your completed posts – I schedule mine twice a week (regular content means regular communication with your audience, it builds trust.

When you update your social media – schedule 2 time slots if its manual or 1/ 2 hour time slot if its pre-planned and automated. (will cover this in a future post on the blog)

When you design your social media & blog graphics – my motto is ‘write one design one’. (when I start a new blog post, I also design my graphics….no time like the present)

Ps. If you do desire to start your own website/blog with your own domain name, alongside the Free websites via WA, you can utilise this 10% discount code to host your site via the company I run 2 of my 4 websites with……Tsohost, they are UK based, great direct customer service and very reliable.

Access my hosting site HERE with my exclusive 10% code start my blog