Want To Have and Keep A Positive Mindset? Now You Can!

Positive thinking is one of those concepts that people misunderstand. Those that know it well and have spent time practicing the art of looking at life, and aspects of live, in a positive way don’t need convincing that it can truly work wonders. However, those that refuse to believe….

The Power of A Positive Mindset!

Positive thinking is one of those concepts that people misunderstand. Those that know it well and have spent time practicing the art of looking at life, and aspects of live, in a positive way don’t need convincing that it can truly work wonders. However, those that refuse to believe that positive thinking can have any effect on life, are usually looking at positive thinking in the wrong way.

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The Power Behind A Positive Mindset

Whether you believe that you are a philosophical person, whether you believe that positive thinking has something to do with the principles of Law of Attraction – or, whether you just simply want to be able to see the best in life, it doesn’t really matter. The truth is that having a positive mindset can work very well for you. In order to be able to really get into that positive thinking place and to see the effects that positive thinking can have on your life, though, you really need to understand what positive thinking is.

In Norman Vincent Peales book, The Power of Positive Thinking, he explains how a simple shift in mental consciousness can and has changed the lives of many, including himself to have become one of the most honored figures of his field. Having a positive mindset is exactly why I am writing this blog, the work and effort and attention to detail, whilst raising two kids is testing, but to work tirelessly in the hope that by helping others I will achieve my own goals is of itself, the power of positive thinking, one that I was liekly born with, but lost through interaction with skeptics along the way, this book is one of the gifts that gave it back to me. The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale

Personal Development: It's Undefeated Power For a Single Mother
Those that believe that thinking positively is a waste of time, are obviously going to be seeing life in a more unpleasant way. It is the misunderstood beliefs about positive thinking that has been keeping many from wanting to follow the basic principles of a positive outlook.

Skeptics of positive thinking believe that it’s not possible for you to control the outcome of your life to any great extent. They believe that positive thinking cannot have any effect on your health, your finances or your relationships. They believe that bad things still happen to positive people – so why bother thinking positive?

This is where the misconception occurs. Thinking positively has nothing to do with trying to enhance the outcome of something. Positive thinking is not a process whereby you cause great things to happen in your life – although that can be the case. Positive thinking is allowing yourself to see the best in every situation.

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how gratitude made me into a successful single mother

A positive thinker has, for a long time, been labeled as someone that refuses to see the bad things in life and is not upset by them. That’s certainly not true! A positive thinker can see the bad things in life, and wouldn’t have a problem denying that they’re bad. However, a positive thinker is one that always strives to see the best in each situation and wouldn’t dwell on a negative situation.

I for instance, tend to believe very strongly in everything happening for a reason. I don’t believe in coincidences; and as such, i tend to notice and gravitate toward opportunities more easily. I’ve always perceived the world this way and growing up I was always surrounded by elders from my Caribbean heritage (my grandparents) who would always say “nothing before its time” meaning quite clearly that as much as you may want to rush the outcome of a situation, it will only occur when it is meant to and not a second before. This does not mean do not try, it means do not rush what you cannot control. A great lesson to live by.

In addition to this philosophy, I came across a novel that would solidify my belief in this area, its called the Celestine Prophecy, a book that I couldnt put down and treasure to this day, if theres only one thing I recommend that you take notice of, please let it be this it will improve your postive mindset and open many doors for you. You can get a copy of the incredible Celestine Prophecy HERE

While there are going to be events in life that cause you to immediately take on a negative approach, there will not always be an immediate positive thought that can be offered as an alternative to that negative event. Often, positive thinking is a practice by where you are in the process of looking for the best feeling thought that you can find at that moment. It’s not that you have to get it perfect every time and it’s not that you have to always be walking around high on life with a smile on your face. It’s simply an acceptance that there’s always a positive approach to every situation and a positive thinker is one that is always looking for it!

The Perception of Positivity

Positivity is all about perception. Being positive isn’t really about having a great life and then feeling positive about it. You could easily look at many people that you know and realize that the positive people are not always the ones that you would expect to be positive, considering their life experience.

You don’t have to have a large house, heaps of money and several vacations every year in order to be a positive person – although it helps (hint hint to the universe). No, being positive is about taking a positive vantage point of the life that you are already living. This is where the idea of perception comes into play.

It would be the easiest thing in the world for you to look at something amazing such as a large sum of money in your bank account and then feel positive about it. In situations like this, it would be all too easy. That’s being positive when life throws something great at you, and most would admit that they wouldn’t have to try hard to feel positive about that.

In fact, many people try to turn to the idea of positive thinking about life and situations when their life isn’t going the way that they had planned it to go. Those that are already living the highlife don’t really start looking for ideas for positive thinking – they don’t feel that they need to be a positive thinker because they can just look at all that they have amassed and fall into a great mood.

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A person that lacks confidence, needs financial help, is having a failing relationship – these are the kinds of people that turn to positive thinking. Really, that shouldn’t be the case. It’s almost like a last ditch effort; that last chance saloon. Being miserable and negative wasn’t working out too well so why not shine a light on the other side of the coin? If being negative wasn’t making you feel good, it’s time to look for the positive.

The idea of positivity being down to perception is one that is true and also useful when looking for a concept to base the whole principle on. You could have two people in exactly in the same situation and yet they would see it in different ways. If you were deep in debt and could see no way out, would you rather be a person that is miserable, unable to leave the house and is scared at what might happen – or, would you rather be the person that sees the situation as being only temporary and managed to conjure up the enthusiasm to get out there and start earning more money? Which would you rather be? These people are in exactly the same situation and yet one is going to have a better time than the other because the latter is, at least, hopeful, if not positive. It’s likely that you can remember a time that you were extremely miserable and nothing seemed to be going right for you.

Do you remember later looking back at that situation and wondering what you were so worried about all along? That’s not necessarily because the situation changed – you can’t keep relying on the situation to change before you can feel good – it’s that your perception of the situation changed.

Sometimes, you need to wait a while before you can feel better about something. They say that time is a great healer. That’s not because the situation is greatly different at a later date than it was when you first encountered the situation, it’s because the perspective has change and you are not offering all of those strong negative thoughts about the situation that you once were. Most of the time, the best way to reach a positive outlook is not to reach for positivity – it’s to actually just stop offering negative beliefs.

Want To Have and Keep A Positive Mindset? Now You Can!
All over the world there are people that are in similar situations. That’s not to say that they all feel the same way about it though. Some of them are wealthy and some of them are in debt. Some of them are ill and some of them are well. Some of them are confused and some are clear- minded. Some of them are confident and some of them are self-conscious. That’s doesn’t mean that anyone is necessarily wrong in what they are doing but all people are in their own situation and yet, they are all in a different state of mind.

The whole idea about positive thinking is to just to adjust your perception to see every situation in the best way that you can. It’s only about perception and not about your current state. You may be ill and feel miserable and worthless – or, you can be ill and in a positive frame of mind. Take your pick.

How Do You Keep A Positive Mindset?

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How To Make A Vision Board, That Actually Works

By Marie Tavernier

What is a Vision Board?

First of all there are so many different terms, so much so that the meaning of a vision board has been lost in translation, somewhere along the line.

“If you’ve ever heard it referred to as a mood, dream, goal, collage or any derivative of the above, please know these are all terms for a vision board; with one exception.”

A vision board, has a vision for the future, it’s concept derives from having a clear business vision & mission statement. A business with no clear vision or goal is – asking for trouble!

Much is the same for your life.

“Your brain will work tirelessly to achieve the statements you give your subconscious mind. And when those statements are the affirmations and images of your goals, you are destined to achieve them!” – Marie Tavernier

Vision board ideas and examples are incredibly useful and inspirational when making your own. I’ve designed this post to show you how to make your own vision boards and how to use them to maximize your visualization practice! Also known as dream boards, these simple devices are one of the most valuable visualization tools available to you. The inspirational collages serve as your image of the future – a tangible example, idea or representation of where you are going. They should represent your dreams, your goals, and your ideal life.

By representing your goals with pictures and images you will actually strengthen and stimulate your emotions because your mind responds strongly to visual stimulation… and your emotions are the vibrational energy that activates the Law of Attraction. The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words,” certainly holds true here. If you have already defined your dreams, it’s time to illustrate them visually.

A Vision Board for Goal Setting

The best way to achieve your goals is to keep them top of mind, so you’re always looking for ways to move yourself closer to them – and a vision board is the perfect tool to help you do that.

By putting a vision board somewhere you can see it every day, you will prompt yourself to visualize your ideal life on a regular basis. And that’s important because visualization activates the creative powers of your subconscious mind and programs your brain to notice available resources that were always there but escaped your notice. Through the Law of Attraction, visualization also magnetizes and attracts to you the people, resources, and opportunities you need to achieve your goal.

By adding a visualization practice to your daily routine, you will naturally become more motivated to reach your goals. You’ll start to notice you are unexpectedly doing things that move you closer to your ideal life. Suddenly, you find yourself volunteering to take on more responsibility at work, speaking out at staff meetings, asking more directly for what you want, and taking more risks in your personal and professional life – and experiencing bigger pay-offs.

Making A Vision Board can be very powerful because you can clearly see your goals every morning, every night and every single day….

Having the ability to visualize your goals, can and will lead to the manifestation of your goals in real time. Have you ever read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill…..if not you should! As he explains it best

how to make a vision board that actually works

You cannot just let your dreams sit vaguely in your mind and “think” about it occasionally. You must be crystal clear about your own dreams and have a really STRONG DESIRE to achieve them.

The 7 Step Vision Board Checklist

1. Be crystal clear about your goals and dreams

2. SEE and VISUALIZE them everyday (a Vision Board plays a crucial role in this step!)

3. Apply a very strong DESIRE, CONFIDENCE and DETERMINATION towards them

4. Staying focused will help you to stay on track and avoid all the negative influences which are may defeat you

5. Never forget that everything happens for a reason, so turn your perceived negative occurrences into positive motivation and energy towards your goals.

6. This can also allow you to conquer all the problems and obstacles head on without fear.

7. Finally, with persistence, you’ll quickly accomplish your goals and dreams and live the lifestyle you desire!

Ps.Remember to celebrate each of your small milestones along the way, don’t always wait for the big pay out, as you’ll miss all the joy along your route.

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How to Create a Dynamic Vision Board Today

Find pictures that represent or symbolize the experiences, feelings, and possessions you want to attract into your life, and place them in your board. Have fun with the process! Use photographs, magazine cutouts, pictures from the Internet–whatever inspires you. Be creative. Include not only pictures, but anything that speaks to you.

Consider including a picture of yourself on your board. If you do, choose one that was taken in a happy moment. You will also want to post your affirmations, inspirational words, quotations, and thoughts here. Choose words and images that inspire you and make you feel good.

You can use your vision board to depict goals and dreams in all areas of your life, or in just one specific area that you are focusing on. Keep it neat, and be selective about what you place in your vision board. It’s a good idea to avoid creating a cluttered or chaotic board… you don’t want to attract chaos into your life.

Use only the words and images that best represent your purpose, your ideal future, and words that inspire positive emotions in you. There is beauty in simplicity and clarity. Too many images and too much information will be distracting and harder to focus on.

If you are working on visualizing and creating changes in many areas of your life, then you may want to use more than one vision board. You might use one for your personal goals and another for career and financial goals. You might even want to keep your career vision board at the office or on your desk as a means of inspiration and affirmation. Whatever you decide to do, learning how to make a vision board – and using it regularly – is the best way to visualize your ideas and dreams to fruition.

Ever Considered An Online Vision Board?

Here are The Steps I've Used to Create One

1. I listed out all my dreams in chronological order in my Evernote notebook.

2. I searched for images for each of my dream on Pexels, Pixabay and in my phone.

3 I used Canva for free to create all the images on my Vision Board individually to add all the texts I want within the images.

4. At the same time, I used PhotoCap to edit some images. You can use any photo editor like PhotoShop, etc. However there are other free programs via microsoft.

5. I then used Canva to put all the images into one piece of image.

6. I downloaded the image and created an online board which became my laptop wallpaper & phone screensaver

7. If you want to, you could also visit a local stationary shop to purchase “Plastic Corrugated Board” print the downloaded vision board and paste the printed paper onto the board.
This can then be used as your printable vision board, to be hung on your bedroom or office wall. “two birds, one stone”

Your Board could look something like this:

Example 1.

Illustration purposes only*
Example 2. Corkboard – My preferred method

Ideas To Include On Your Vision Board

1. Short term and/or long term goals

2. Places you want to go

3. The Lifestyle you want to live

4. Partner you want to be with

5. Cars and/or houses you desire

6. Money Goals

7. Things you want to learn (language, skills, etc…) Activities you want to do

8. Quotes you love and words that can motivate you

9. People you want to meet

10. House you want to live in

11. Health Goals

12. Exercise Goals

13. Weight loss or Inch loss Goals

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Creating a Value Mindset

We put it off until next time, in the hope that the need to ‘get it done’ will become clear and urge us to put the time and effort into cleaning the inside of our vehicles, before laundry loads of crap come tumbling out every time we open the door…..

True or False?

Creating a Value Mindset


By Marie Tavernier

You wouldn’t believe some of the places I happen to take inspiration from.

A car-wash? Yes

Once a month I make a point of going to the local car wash. It’s a jet-wash with several components and allows me to sit pretty whilst the automatic rotators work their magic on the ‘outside’ of my vehicle. Within 5-10 minutes I drive-away with a gleaming car, which looks close to brand new and definitely deters the quote worthy nuisances from leaving finger dust messages on my bodywork; like the infamous ‘clean me’ with a sad face. Annoying as heck, but we get the point!

It’s amazing how an ordinarily monotonous task, can have you thinking deeply and evaluating your choices.

Before driving away – As i’m sitting watching the rollers work their magic on the car in front, i had a thought, why is the car-wash so busy? I mean i had just sat in the queue for 20 mins and there was at least another 6 cars behind me, then it dawned on me – IT’S SPRING! The suns shining and most of us want the outside of our vehicles to shine amongst the sun rays, plus a dirty car in spring shouts lazy owner.


But in a moment of clarity, as I watched the car in front come to the end of its wash cycle; shining and gleaming, another thought ran through my mind, “Why are we so eager to clean the outside without spending time on the inside?” Is it the convenience of the automatic process or is it that we just don’t see the need to park, remove items and wait as the valet team ‘get to work’; if so, it must be more of an inconvenience when the ‘cleaning’ process is DIY meaning that we have to do it ourselves?

So what do we do?

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How to make Your Vision Board a Powerful Manifestation tool

We put it off until next time, in the hope that the need to ‘get it done’ will become clear and urge us to put the time and effort into cleaning the inside of our vehicles, before laundry loads of crap come tumbling out every time we open the door…..

True or False?

Now, i think we both know that this is not about cars at all.

As you get to know me, you’ll quickly discover that most of my metaphors seem to involve cars, probably because I spend so much time in mine and have plenty of reasons to think when im in it – mostly traffic!

So what’s the point?

The point is, you and I both know that the convenience of working on your outside is usually placed in the number 1 priority slot, over anything that may involve more time and effort e.g. the Inside.

Create A Value Mindset

For those of us that go to the gym or take the time out of our busy schedules to workout regularly, its a known fact that our main motivation is usually the outside’ The mirrors placed strategically across the gym floor are a tell-tell sign of our expectations and main motivation and gym owners feed into them.

We want to see changes to our bodies, we gauge our progress by what we see and largely by what others see, hence why the first few comments and/or compliments of noticeable weight loss or muscle toning, are taken with such glee, because it tells us that ‘they’ see our hard work and effort, ‘they’ too see our progress and success, it gives us a boost to keep going, pushing harder toward the next unexpected but expectant compliment.

But what about the parts you or ‘they’ can’t see?

Can the mirrors tell you how well you’re doing on the inside?

Your mind is a lot like your vehicle, shining on the outside. You have a decent job or career, you have qualifications or are actively working on gaining some. You may have letters after your name and to the outside world, your mind is gleaming with potential.

But, how often do you take the time to work on how well your mind/body & soul functions from the inside/out?

how to create the life you want

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You may look good on the outside, you’ve taken the time to present yourself to the world in a way that is pleasing to the eye, is your mind just as pleasing or are you putting this off until later too?

If the answer is Yes, I suggest 10 minutes per day. YES, just 10 minutes per day, everyday to work on YOU.
It takes 10-20mins to vacuum your car, 30mins to create a good sweat inducing workout, 50mis to get ready for work in the morning & just 10mins per day to work on yourself, mind, body & soul……

I know which one i prefer

If you can give yourself the gift of a renewed outside, imagine what you can achieve when you take the time to be ‘blessed’ from the Inside, not for anyone else, just for You.

Looking for examples?

Try any of the following:

1. Meditation

2. A chapter of a good book (something progressive)

3.Yoga (join a club or use you-tube)

4. Journal: begin jotting down your thoughts and desires, you never know what it may become or how it will help you in the future. Ps. there are many best-selling books which began as journal entries

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how to create the life you want

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