Oolong Tea For Weight Loss: Burn Fat In Less Than 30 Days

Searching for an easy method to increase your metabolism and burn fat? The answer is…..

Oolong Tea For Weight Loss: Burn Fat In Less Than 30 Days

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Oolong Tea For Weight Loss: Burn Fat In Less Than 30 Days

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how gratitude made me into a successful single mother

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5 thoughts on “Oolong Tea For Weight Loss: Burn Fat In Less Than 30 Days”

    1. Hi Stacy, thank you for your comment. Its really really good and has other benefits – made a huge difference to my hormones and my back pain, which has been bugging me for months! Just remember to get an organic brand, prince of peace has got great reviews: grab it here https://amzn.to/2OctB7o a little expensive but worth it as you can re-use the tea bags. Marie.

  1. OMG i measure too. was googling fat burning methods, came across your review luv it! how are you gettin on with it? I need something to work before my next vacation to Cyprus in Feb.

    1. Hi Annelisse, thanks for stopping by glad to know we were available to help. I can definately give and update, plus i’ve done a video on my progress via my youtube channel marie tavernier. So far i’ve lost 3 Inches of body within my first 3 weeks, i was measuring weekly but have now reduced that to monthly to stop the obssession lol. My best advice is watch what you eat, be mindful of complex carbs and wheat i.e. white bread, rice, potatoes. sweet potatoes are good in moderation, eat more leafy greens and veg & more fish if you like it. Also try to cut down on alcohol (if you drink any). The tea will burn fat stores for 2 hours after drinking it, but if you’re replacing what you lost with a bad diet, you wont see any difference – i made that mistake and my inches went up slightly in my 4th week. x Marie Ps. try this brand its organic and has excellent reviews in the herbal tea world https://amzn.to/2NCtTr4

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